Akkuratov O.S.

Oleg Sergeyevich AKKURATOV

A mining engineer-geophysicist, graduated from Moscow Geological Exploration Institute in 1961. He holds a Candidate of Science (Ph.D) degree in engineering from VNIIGeofizika, 1976. Currently he works as Deputy Head of Geophysical Operations Administration of ROSKOMNEDRA (Russian Federation Committee on Geology and Use of the Earth Interior).





Актуализация: 1994 г.

Articles with the participation of this author

Track automated quality assessment technology of primary and derived seismic information // Геофизика 2012 г. Выпуск №3 ст: 3-12

GEOPHYSICS IN ROSKOMNEDRA SYSTEM // Геофизика 1994 г. Выпуск №4 ст: 2-7