Issues of the journals for 2016 y.

Numerical modeling of resistivity anisotropy fractured media

(Yalov T.V. )

Fractured rocks are striking example of resistivity anisotropy media. In the article discussed various cases of anisotropic media with one and two fracture systems; presented result of math modeling of apparent resistivity for that media. There are some conclusions about the shape of the polar diagram of apparent resistivity obtained using the azimuthal electrical profiling - the main method of electrical anisotropy survey.......

  • 2016  № 3, pp. 40-45

Occurence of equivalence of 1-D polarazable medium by the tem sounding with several offsets for Siberian platform

(Legeydo P.Y. Pesterev I.Y. Ageenkov E.V. Iakovlev S.V. )

The numeric experiment with magnetic source and receivers determined several problems of research of numerical characteristics of polarizable medium. Occurrence of polarazable parameters equivalences for polarazable half-space and layered model typical for the south of the Siberian platform is shown.......

  • 2016  № 3, pp. 46-54

Limitations of remote reference method in magnetotelluric investigation

(Yakovlev A.G. Epishkin D.V. )

Remote reference method is widely used in magnetotelluric investigations, however limits of this method is not studied properly. Large amounts of data are analysed in this paper and average coherence between magnetotelluric fields is estimated depending on distance between sites, frequency range and latitude of observation. Efficiency criterion for remote reference method is proposed and maximal distances are estimated. Remote reference can be placed on distance a few hundred kilometers in high latitudes and one thousand kilometers in middle latitudes.......

  • 2016  № 3, pp. 55-64

Physical-geological model of the preobrajensky horizon and the forecast carbonate reservoirs in the Nepsky arch

(Baryshev L.A. Vashenko V.A. )

The article discusses the physical-geological model of the preobrajensky of the carbonate horizon, based on geophysical well logging data in the territory of the Nepsky arch. On the basis of physical-geological model of physical justification given and the criteria of selection of promising seismic anomalies related to the oil and gas deposits of the preobrajensky horizon. Built map seismic of amplitude anomalies and highlighted promising areas of collectors in the preobrajensky horizont.......

  • 2016  № 3, pp. 65-72

Baikal-Patom folding zone crystal basement structure and role of the deep faults in the forming of the golden-ore deposit Sukhoi Log (Eastern Siberia)

(Stogny G.A. Stogny V.V. )

There’s considered structure of the Baikal-Patom folding zone crystal basement on the basis of geology-geophysical materials analysis in the system of the block divisibility of the Earth’s crust. It is shown that Sukhoi Log golden-ore deposit is controlled by the regional latitudinal fault Vachinski.......

  • 2016  № 3, pp. 73-77