Issues of the journals for 2016 y.

Geoelectric experiment in Arctic (project)

(Zlobinskiy A.V. Mogilatov V.S. )

We discuss the project of long-term electromagnetic soundings in the Arctic with use the drifting ice floes. We’ve justified the application of a special source of the electromagnetic field and discuss some methodological and technical problems.......

  • 2016  № 1, pp. 75-80

The possibility of prediction the productive zones of the bazhenov reservoir by spectral-temporal quantitative seismic attributes analysis

(Kopilevich E.A. Surova N.D. Skvortsov M.B. Kuznetsov G.V. )

This article is about a new method of prediction the distribution of high-producing reservoirs in the Bazhenov formation in inter-well space. This method is based on spectral-temporal quantitative parameterization of seismic data relying on production rates from well data.......

  • 2016  № 1, pp. 81-90