Issues of the journals for 2015 y.

Electrodynamic seismic

(Safonov A.S. )

The article demonstrates field data, proving the possibility of registering characteristics of the general seismic and «frozen» electromagnetic waves in the oil and gas depth interval. A new method - Electrodynamic Seismic - is proposed. Thе method registers seismic and electromagnetic waves, induced in the earth by seismic waves. Generalized theory of these processes is considered. Problems of geological interpretation of the EDS data, especially the frequency depending attributes are considered. The fluid compositions may be established by assistance reflecting coefficients of the 3D seismic survey. The anomalies of seismic attribute’s dispersion are caused into oil-water-contact zones by the electromagnetic polarization effects also. The reason of seismic attributes variation is the joint effects the two mechanisms namely the well-known viscous absorb and the new part - seismoelectricity. We propose a new seismic attributes. These attributes explains the link between the permeability and electrical properties of rocks. High performance of these frequency variable attributes for oil and gas surveys is shown. The plan of the development of the EDS work is scheduled.......

  • 2015  № 6, pp. 2-7

Seismic facies analysis range of possibilities for the study of submarine fan

(Olneva T.V. Ovechkina V.Yu. Karanov V.V. )

Creation of library of seismic patterns representing geological processes and phenomena is a challenging and actual task. Thanks to recent researches and, in the first place, the interpretation approaches based on seismic stratigraphy and seismic facies analyses we are able to do this. The authors are planning a series of papers devoted to different geological processes and phenomena.......

  • 2015  № 6, pp. 8-13

Seismic images sediment object's neokomic from same oilfields north West Siberia

(Spodobaev A.A. Korolev E.K. )

Modern technologies allow seismic surveys to obtain images of high detail environment deducing study hard tanks built to a new level. Described in the literature sedimentation objects allocated on the basis of studying the actual material of modern depositional environments (turbidites, landslides, etc.) identified in the study of deep horizons by 3D seismic. In this paper we show the possibility of reconstruction processes Achimov formation, one of the fields in the north of Western Siberia, on the basis of the analysis of seismic images.......

  • 2015  № 6, pp. 14-19

The influence of the interpolation model on the result of geostatistical inversion

(Myasoedov D.N. )

The paper studies the influence of properties interpolation between wells on the result of geostatistical inversion. Studies conducted in this paper aimed at assessing the distortions introduced by the mismatch of real medium and interpolation model, caused by the statistical distribution function does not satisfy the criteria stationary.......

  • 2015  № 6, pp. 20-28

Geoelectric models of Altai, Shapshal and Teeali earthquak zones of Altai-Sayan region

(Belyavskii V.V. )

Magnetotelluric data interpretation, performed by means of trial-and-error method using 3D modeling software, and considering the results of earthquake converted waves method and deep seismic sounding method, provided resistivity models of Altai and Sayan mountains and Tuva. Content of connected fluid in crustal conductors and deep faults is evaluated.......

  • 2015  № 6, pp. 29-37