Issues of the journals for 2014 y.

Statistical processing of observetional data in comparative assessment of opportunities of geophysical methods

(Karapetyan K.A. Chilingaryan A.Z. )

Linear filters are one of the most effective methods of statistical processing of geophysical observations. Provided by us energy maximizes the signal-to-noise ratio and solves the problem of selection. At comparative assessment of geophysical observations on Physics and Geological model of Sotk gold deposit, increased the information content, when using the energy filtering. With the application of energy filtration geophysical methods’ effectiveness increases and balanced.......

  • 2014  № 4, pp. 59-62

Opportunities of magnetic measurements in solving problems of soil geophysics

(Zolotaya L.A. Kosnyreva M.V. )

The article describes possibilities of applying magnetic exploration to solve the tasks of soil mapping. Authors have developed methodology to explore magnetic properties of heterogeneous soil profiles in their natural bedding. By results of physical and mathematical modeling of soil sections authors provided scientific justification for practical application of magnetic survey when studying soils. For the first time, on the example of complex of gray forest soils of Vladimir Opolye (VNIISH), maps of abnormal magnetic field reflecting space heterogeneity of soil cover are obtained. Opportunities and restrictions of magnetometric method when studying soils are shown.......

  • 2014  № 4, pp. 63-68

Optimizing the electrologging and electro-thermal effects in cased wells via the transformations of the column's construction

(Khusid M.D. Kashik A.S. Knizhnerman L.A. )

Development and improvement of methods and tools, allowing to monitor the changes of different fluids’ (or gas) saturation in various reservoirs through the casing, is promising. The efficiency of the casing’s transformations are shown on the example of the electrical logging of cased well using probe KR-1 and the modeling of electrothermal impact on the near-wellbore area. The authors conclude that the proposed modifications of the casing’s design make measurements more accurate and reliable, allow to repress the distortion caused by the presence of noise in the output measuring transducers, and also support more rational and full use of natural resources avoiding new wells construction.......

  • 2014  № 4, pp. 69-73

Evaluating influence of power lead's electromagnetic induction on the measurement data with frequency dispersion method and middle gradient device

(Tkachev A.V. Khasanov I.M. )

Distorting influence on results of measuring with frequency dispersion method and device of middle gradient currency of electromagnetic induction generated by power leads is discussed. The algorithm of induction influence evaluation and it’s realization in MathCAD is described. The efficiency of its functioning is approved by applying the method on field observations results.......

  • 2014  № 4, pp. 74-79

Energy filtering geophysical fields

(Nikitin A.A. )

Practical possibilities of optimum energy filtration are considerd for potential and wave fields. The identy of energy filter and principle component analisys is estabished Multiattridute energy filterung algorithm for integrated data processing is suggested This algorithm takes into account correlation befween fields and fheir attributes on survey area or the plane of tine sections.


  • 2014  № 3, pp. 2-13