Issues of the journals for 2014 y.

Influence of moisture content on elastic wave velocities in clay soils

(Pioro E.V. Oshkin A.N. Tyrina T.S. )

The article is devoted to investigation of elastic wave velocity changes in day soils depending on their humidity values. Soil samples having natural and disturbed structure (made of clay pastes) were tested. The «elastic wave velocity - humidity (and humidity degree)» graphs were obtained. The existence of the humidity interval where the longitudinal wave velocities decrease was confirmed. Its boundary values that approximately coincide with the humidity interval limits from the maximal hygroscopic to maximal molecular moisture capacity and regularly increase depending on soil dispersity rise are determined.......

  • 2014  № 1, pp. 57-62

Facies analysis based on 3D seismic waveform

(Priezzhev I.I. Solokha E.V. Manral S. )

A new 3D waveform classification algorithm has been developed based on the SOM Kohonen or К-Mean. The seismic amplitude can be taken as input for the classification procedure. Seismic waveforms are classified in order to define seismic facies and stratigraphic changes in a specific interval, as well as geological zoning.......

  • 2014  № 1, pp. 63-67

Some aspects of digital data representation

(Karapetov G.A. )

The article addresses the key issues associated with the digital representation of the analog data and real-world applicability of the Nyquist and Ageev theorems.......

  • 2014  № 1, pp. 68-72