Issues of the journals for 2014 y.

Rariomagnetotelluric soundings method with a controlled source

(Saraev A.K. Simakov A.E. Shlykov A.A. )

Features of the controlled source radlomagnetotellurlc sounding method (CSRMT) are considered. Developed equipment RMT-C Is described. Features of the electromagnetic field of horizontal electric dipole are considered taking into account displacement currents in the air. The wave zone thus Is allocated at a certain distance from the source and the field there Is characterized by a number of essential differences comparing with the quasi-static zone. An example of the CSRMT method application for the solution of engineering-geological tasks in Chukotka Is presented.......

  • 2014  № 1, pp. 18-25

Geoelectrical prospecting by VECS method for examination of ore deposits

(Zlobinskiy A.V. Mogilatov V.S. )

This is shown in the field and on the theoretical material that the principle of vertical electric current sounding is to compensate the response from the host rocks on physical level, has been successfully implemented on the ore objects. We discuss the experience of the VECS during the examination of ore deposits.......

  • 2014  № 1, pp. 26-35

Mathematical modeling C-effect and P-effect in the methods of apparent resistance in electrical survey

(Karinskiy A.D. Daev D.S. Mazitova I.K. )

Mathematical modeling results of some problems of near surface electrical prospecting are described In the paper. New approach to solution of problem, based on the approximate theory, presented in author s works, was used for it. Within the limits of this theory, secondary field, created by rather small isometric volume dV of media with electrical parameters different from surrounding rocks, can be approximated by fields of alternating electric and magnetic dipoles (alternating EM field) or electric dipole (stationary field). Approximate theory was used for study with mathematical modeling of near surface media heterogeneities influence on the apparent resistivity methods results. Such distortions of electrical sounding and electrical profiling data called С-effect and Р-effect.......

  • 2014  № 1, pp. 36-45

Kerogen volume estimation in bazhen' formation by gamma-ray log data taking into account sedimentation cycles

(Srebrodolskaya M.A. Kosterina V.A. Zoloeva G.M. )

Method of gamma-ray log data interpretation for kerogen (organic material) volume estimation in source rock deposits (taking into consideration Bazhen formation’ cyclic structure) is proposed. Introduced gamma-ray log data interpretation method is reported to increase accuracy of kerogen volume approximately in two times. Correct accountancy of kerogen contribution into the total hydrogen index value determined by neutron methods result in more verifiable total & open porosity coefficients estimation and consequently in more accurate reservoir highlighting in Bazhen formation’ deposits and more reliable hydrocarbon reserves estimation.......

  • 2014  № 1, pp. 46-52

Geoelectrochemical researches of a physical and chemical situation of nadproduktivny deposits

(Shigaev V.Yu. Volkova E.N. Averchenkova E.V. )

The results of geo-electro-chemical research, focused on the study of violation of physical and chemical conditions In the nadproduktivnyh deposits Volnovskoe oil field. The summary data shows that annular abnormality of complex physicochemical parameter must take place bordering the oilfield. This allows authors to say about new indication to predict the petroleum potential of local objects.......

  • 2014  № 1, pp. 53-56