Issues of the journals for 2014 y.

Land seismic of new technological level

(Cherepovskiy A.V. )

Oil and gas companies put more and more attention to small-size and complex traps of hydrocarbons and to non-traditional reservoirs. Correspondingly, explorationists have to solve more and more complex tasks beyond structural imaging. To define the types of reservoirs and estimate their oil and gas saturation, 3D seismic of new technological level is to be applied. The latter is efficient only as an integrated technology incorporating the following aspects: 1) application of single sources and single receivers; 2) excitation and recording of broadband seismic signal; 3) high density (dense sampling of the wavefield); 4) full azimuths, 5) high-productivity field operations, 6) high-precision positioning of source and receiver points.......

  • 2014  № 2, pp. 75-83

Anisotropic Gaussian beam imaging of multicomponent walk-away VSP data

(Protasov M.I. Borodin I.V. )

The approach to true amplitude seismic imaging in anisotropic media for walk-away Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP) multi component data is presented. In the article the generalization of the imaging procedure for anisotropic media is discussed. The basis of the algorithm is Gaussian beams in anisotropic media. The use of anisotropic Gaussian beams allows taking into account anisotropy of the background model. The recovered true amplitude function is scattering potential. The algorithm provides possibility to recover structural disruptions (faults etc.) in the near borehole area. Choice to use Gaussian beams gives possibility to avoid imaging artifacts that are connected to limited aperture. The use of several components allows avoiding artifacts associated with the converted seismic waves. The efficiency of the method is demonstrated on data obtained for realistic models of the medium.......

  • 2014  № 2, pp. 20-25

Some features of the Ural crust density model (for Krasnoleninsk profile)

(Martyshko P.S. Ladovskiy I.V. Pyankov V.A. )

Gravity and seismic data from the Krasnoleninsk profile have been interpreted comprehensively for the first time. It has resulted in a new and consistent image of lithosphere density and velocity heterogeneities. The most detailed section is compiled for the consolidated crust. An important difference in the crust structure and geophysical parameters of the Central Ural. Predurals and Zaurals is revealed.......

  • 2014  № 1, pp. 8-10

Modern procedures of processing precision gravity supervision

(Bychkov S.G. Simanov A.A. )

It is shown that abilities of gravitational exploration are at present contrary to existing directions for these works. We suggest new procedures of the reduction of gravity data which allows for modern data about the Earth’s figure. The example of processing of gravity data observed on the Perm territory demonstrates that the application of modern procedures of processing allows increasing the information value of gravity data.......

  • 2014  № 1, pp. 11-17