Issues of the journals for 2014 y.

Geologic-geophysical model of the Central-Aldan golden-ore region

(Stogny G.A. Stogny V.V. )

Central-Aldan golden-ore region is a standard object of the Aldan-Stanovoy shield on the example of which research criteria of the golden-ore deposits are worked out. Basis of the ore formation model is usually consists of data of the Central-Aldan gold-ore region’s deep structure grounded on the results of the geology-geophysical interpretation and differed first of all by approach to the explanation of Yakokut gravity minimum nature.......

  • 2014  № 3, pp. 49-54


(Erofeev L.Ya. Orekhov A.N. )

In the article describes the results of integrated geophysical and petrophysical studies an example of two low-sulfide quartz vein gold deposits, located in different regions of Siberia and formed at different times. The regularities of the manifestations of geologic structure in various physical fields of geophysics and opportunities in the study of such deposits.......

  • 2014  № 3, pp. 55-60

Determination of kerogen content in carbonate source rocks by well-logging data

(Burkhanova I.O. )

This paper is dedicated to kerogen estimation approach within productive sediments of Orenburg oil, gas and condensate field. Different ways of kerogen estimation by well-logging data were examined within Sakmarian marker bed. This bed is rich in organic carbon and specifies by high gamma activity. >4s a result association between kerogen content and gamma activity was found for Sakmarian marker bed rocks.......

  • 2014  № 3, pp. 61-66

Nature of magnetic anomalies in lateritic the weathering crusts (Republic of Guinea)

(Maraev I.A. Viktorov G.G. Diavara Karinka )

Intense magnetic anomalies were found in the vicinity of the village Tamakene 10 km from the town of Boke. During the geophysical practice with students of Mining and Geology Institute, this is located in Section Tamakene. On some profiles of the magnetic field measurement in increments of 50 m with a proton magnetometer MMP 203 point revealed anomalies in excess of 6000 nTl, but a small extent. In the midst of one of the anomalies at a depth of several meters has been detected low-power reservoir represented by glandular conglomerates. Calculations magnetic conducted on the model formation showed that the vertical edges of the reservoir component of the magnetic field can reach several tens of thousands nT. The subsequent detailed measurements of the magnetic field with a magnetometer M 27M in increments of 10 m in the area of 35 km identified numerous magnetic anomalies and fully confirmed the theoretical calculations. Measurements of magnetic properties of samples, both on the surface and in the trenches showed that their magnetic susceptibility can reach 0,2 SI, a residual magnetization greater than 100 A / m Chemical and petrophysical analyzes of iron conglomerates have shown that the major rock-forming mineral in them with a magnetite-hematite, magnetite content of 75%, And the structure they are similar to glandular weathering crust on laterites (kirasse). Thus, it was found that all of the identified magnetic anomalies are caused by deposits of maghemite.......

  • 2014  № 3, pp. 67-71

Geoelectrochemical predictive retrieval model oil and gas fields

(Shigaev V.Yu. )

The essence and peculiarities of geoelectrochemical predictive-search model oil and gas fields. Application built static model is illustrated by analyzing the material composition rocks in predicting oil and gas potential of the West Griaznushinskaya area.......

  • 2014  № 3, pp. 72-77