Issues of the journals for 2013 y.

Multialternative probabilistic forecast of mineragenic objects with use of structural analysis of geophysical data (part 2)

(Kalinin D.F. Ovsov M.K. )

Considered is a new version of methodology of prognostic zoning of territories with use of a geophysical data set based on synthesis of naturally structural and information statistical approaches. Structural components (factors) of gravitational and magnetic fields are used as initial data. Offered is a probabilistic and statistical algorithm of forming generalized «situational» models based on analyzed similarity of primary «full-scale» models followed with multi-alternative identification of target geological objects to be predicted. Medium-scale geological and geophysical prognostic zoning of prospective multimetallic objects on the territory of the Rudny (Ore) Altai with use of the «situational» models is given as an example.......

  • 2013  № 3, pp. 8-14

The three-dimensional modeling of the tectonosphere structures over south-western sector of the Indian Ocean

(Bulychev A.A. Gilod D.A. )

The technique and the results of three-dimensional modeling of the structure tectonosphere south-western sector of the Indian Ocean, according to the gravitational field are presented. The study included the creation of three-dimensional density models for a few areas, covering major tectonic structure south-west Indian Ocean. Formation of three-dimensional density models tectonosphere based on the results of a previous structural analysis of gravity and magnetic fields, and the two-dimensional density modeling for a number of profiles, crossing large structures of the study area. The result of a three-dimensional density modeling were maps of the surface Moho and density distribution in the layer of the oceanic crust over individual largest structures in the region.......

  • 2013  № 3, pp. 15-27

Features of definition of static correction for influence of the upper part of the section in the Srednee Priobye on works CDP

(Zavialov V.A. )

N article are considered. Some key moments of compensation of influence of the upper part of a section which need to be considered, for receiving standard seismic section The accounting of the top part in Western Siberia and in Srednee Priobye territory according to seismic data has the features connected with change of geological and surface conditions that complicates standard work on the correct accounting of superficial not uniformity and finally can lead to ambiguous geological results. Studying of these features: in particular variations of average velocity in a low velocity zone and change of velocity in a permafrost layer, and also allocation of zones of a lens of permafrost and a choice of level of reduction allows to increase efficiency of seismic works.......

  • 2013  № 3, pp. 28-33

Neuronet modeling of seismic velosities and the specific resitivity of rocks with geoelectrical and seismic data, accordingly

(Spichak V.V. Goidina A.G. )

The results of the neuronet modeling of the compressional and shear seismic wave velocities from the resistivity data and vice versa are considered. It is shown that, depending on the ratio between the volumes of the available and forecasted data, the forecast accuracy of the compressional and shear seismic velocities varies in the ranges 1-4% and 4-6%, accordingly, while the forecast accuracy of the resistivity logarithm is 15-17%. In all cases the maximal errors correspond to using of only correlated data.......

  • 2013  № 3, pp. 34-44