Issues of the journals for 2010 y.

Geologiacal and Geophysical Studies of in Maloarkhangelsk block of the KMA

(Antonov Yu.V. Kholin P.V. )

The article is concerned with results geological-geophysical research on the Maloarhangelsk area Kursk Magnetic Anomaly with the view of determination position on investigated territory in tectonics and history development block Kursk Magnetic Anomaly Voronezh crystalline massif. The basic period development region map out and this is period identify in geophysical field.......

  • 2010  № 3, pp. 62-68

Redox Potentials in Antracite Fields

(Popov V.V. )

Potentials of spontaneous polarisation (PS) in anthracite seams have regional character. An energy source are the oxidation-reduction processes driving in a zone of acidification at a surface. On an anthracite seam currents from a surface to deep parts proceed. A seam, losing electrons, it is charged positively concerning adjacent strata. The size observed PS depends on distance from a zone of acidification, tectonic disturbances, structure and morphology of carboniferous deposits.......

  • 2010  № 3, pp. 69-75

Integrated Geophysical Studies of Carbonate Karst in the Ras-al-Ain Area, Syria

(Ramakh Suleiman Shakhin ALi Al-Aji )

Karst formation in Syria and its influence on water supply and construction works is considered. Study of karst is performing with the help of geophysical methods with verification of uncovered karst structures by boring. With the help of integrated geophysical methods were revealed karst zones and fulfilled their rating on potential danger. Vertical electrical sounding and, seismic reflection wave method and georadar methods were applied.......

  • 2010  № 3, pp. 76-80

Using Local Corrections Technique to Solve Structural Magnetometry Problems

(Martyshko P.S. Pyankov V.A. Rublyov A.L. )

Using observed data we can calculate parameter within the Earth crust correlated for each geophysical field. Such as we can calculate magnetization distribution for magnetic field. We have developed an original iterative method of solving magnetic structure inverse problem (on the basis of local correction method). We suppose that magnetic field value at observed point due to nearest part of surface S which is boundary between two layers with different magnetization. This idea let us to reduce nonlinear inverse problem to algebraic equation which can be solved easy. In this paper we describe new results of construction of the Earth crust magnetic models (Polar and Southern Ural Mountains).......

  • 2010  № 4, pp. 3-8