Issues of the journals for 2010 y.

Method of vertical currents sounding: application in exploration of the ore mineral targets

(Zlobinskiy A.V. Mogilatov V.S. Kvashnin K.A. )

The article discusses the experience of CSEMmineral targets exploration by a new VECS (Vertical Currents Sounding) method. Key feature of the method is extended areal observations of the response induced by a new source type (a circular electric dipole) that is similar to a vertical electric dipole in causing transverse magnetic (TM) polarization of the electromagnetic field.......

  • 2010  № 6, pp. 53-57

Isostasy and Earth’s crust types

(Pavlenkin A.D. Podgornykh L.V. Glinskaya N.V. Mishenko O.N. )

Performance by this time huge volumes of the deep seismic soundings on the basic Earth’s geostructures and searching for steady dependences of P-waves on density, allowed converting seismic-speed columns into density. It allowed also to receive the distribution of crust pressure on a mantle, and to find density of the highest levels of mantle for samples of density columns on geostructures of global rank, estimate level of global isostatic compensation of the crust, pressure on it and identify the basic type of geoblocks that are limited from below by the level of compensation and differ by crust’s types and density in mantle and crust. The nature and structure of borders of global geoblocks is established. Dynamics of geological environment defining its differentiation in geoblocks with different type of crust is considered.......

  • 2010  № 6, pp. 58-68

Geoscientist’s Tools for Oil and Gas Fields Studies

(Larin G.V. )

Native modern D V series software of the 3D seismic and geological modeling, included in the line ofprogram modules open platform TimeZYX are considered. Their characteristic in comparison with the basic foreign analogues is given. It is shown that their application by experts of a various profile at all phases of geological and geophysical research and development of oil and gas fields, and also at construction of regional geological models, allows to carry out effectively the complex analysis of the multidisciplinary data and to obtain three-dimensional geological and hydrodynamic models.......

  • 2010  № 3, pp. 3-15