Issues of the journals for 2010 y.

Seismic waves associated with fault areas: opportunities of use for reliable interpretation of geological faults

(Voskresenskiy Y.N. Tverdokhlebov D.N. )

Faults can be determined based on analysis of the reflected waves field in case of strong dynamic reflections. Along with the reflected waves important information about faults is contained in waves associated with faults areas - diffracted and duplex waves. The presence of these waves is a direct sign of faults existence in geological environment and their use can increase the reliability of multiscale faults geological interpretation - from regional level to localfaults with fractures. Notes that the different nature of the diffracted and duplex waves formed in faults areas, under certain conditions, have similar kinematic parameters and it could be the basis for their common use for faults mapping. A technique offaults identification, based on common ideas about reducing reflections intense for the best diffraction energy selection, and realizable in traditional seismic data processing procedures is demonstrated. The results of technique is presented in practical use on model and real seismic data.......

  • 2010  № 6, pp. 18-27

Application of the broadband radiation in the marine geophysics for studies of bottom structure

(Bakharev S.A. Zavalko E.V. Rogozhnikov A.V. )

The possibilities of application of acoustic antennas with high-gain directional broadband radiation in the marine geophysics are analysed; the patterns of non-linear hydroacoustics are used in these antennas; they are installed on the remote-operated vehicle directly on the hull of research vessel or towed behind it just above the bottom in the small-sizal device.......

  • 2010  № 6, pp. 33-38

Method of cluster directional analysis for magnetic field monitoring in the seismically active zone

(Moskovskaya L.F. )

Mathematical method of cluster analysis of orientation structures of vector geophysical fields is advanced. Method is tested on the data of magnetic field monitoring in seismically active area of Japan. Essential differences in cluster portrait of orientation structures of magnetic field for the undisturbed and disturbed days of monitoring are revealed.......

  • 2010  № 6, pp. 39-46

Reservoir identification in the sedimentary cover of South of Siberian platform with the use of non-stationary electromagnetic soundings data

(Kozhevnikov N.O. Pospeev A.V. Buddo I.V. Agafonov Yu.A. )

The work describes the new approach in interpretation of the non-stationary electromagnetic soundings, consisting of reservoirs allocation in sedimentary cover in southern part of the Siberian platform. Representation of geoelectric section of sedimentary cover as a kind of alternation of powerful high-resistance layers with thin conductive reservoir horizons is offered. Creation of geoelectric models is based on a priori information on occurrence depth and horizon thickness of the sedimentary section known from the drilling results. Questions of an actuality of the offered technique of the interpretation, used program-algorithmic tools reveal. The results of researches with a method of transient electromagnetic field soundings in a near zone on one of sites of the southern Siberian platform confirm the efficiency of the proposed approach.......

  • 2010  № 6, pp. 47-52