Issues of the journals for 2010 y.

Application of electrical surveying methods for studies of tectonic faults in the upper part of lithosphere in Primorye

(Stolov B.L. Shkabarnya N.G. Shkabarnia G.N. )

The paper provides information about typical geoelectric structures of coal basins and ore districts with identification of tectonic faults in them. Faults are mainly manifested in the sharp depth variations of geoelectric units and the abrupt linear interfaces between lateral electrical anomalies. Crush and fracture zones appear as local heterogeneities of relatively high conduction. The upper part of the geoelectric structures can be effectively studied with the use of electrical tomography method. Means of detecting the deep-extended faults based on the results of the combined induced-polarization electrical sounding and assessment of incidental mineralization are analyzed. Potential of the combined induced polarization sounding to explore deep-seated structures is substantiated by an example of north flanks of the Dalnegorsk ore field. High performance of electrical methods for studies of faults in coal basins, sites for building various objects and ore-bearing structures is shown.......

  • 2010  № 5, pp. 38-47

Determination of correction for paleo-climatological factor for adjustment of geothermal survey results

(Erofeev L.Ya. Zavedii T.Yu. )

As example in this work was proposed a technique of quantitative estimation of the temperature influence of the last glacial cycle on the present-time Earth thermalfield. Was performed some numerical calculations of one-dimension thermal conductivity equation for a case of the cyclic frost-thawing in water-saturated sedimentary rocks with depth-variable thermal characteristics. As a result of derived solution also was performed computation of the geothermal gradient perturbation intensity, due the influence of paleoclimatic surface temperature regime on the Earth thermal flow.......

  • 2010  № 5, pp. 48-52

Temperature dependence of GPR dynamic parameter in a sporadic permafrost area

(Neradovskii L.G. Zykov N.L. )

A petrophysical experiment is described, which was conducted in the laboratory using data from geotechnical investigations in Neryungri, southern Yakutia. The purpose of the experiment was to find proofs of regional validity of the temperature dependence of one of the GPR dynamic parameters within the layer of annual temperature variations found earlier for urban areas of the Yakutian permafrost zone. The experiment has shown that the temperature dependence exists not only in the areas of continuous permafrost, but also in sporadic permafrost. An adequate forward and inverse mathematical model of the temperature dependence has been found and its accuracy examined using the factual data of the experiment.......

  • 2010  № 5, pp. 53-60

Generation of inhomogeneous surface-mode wave in the zone of antenna radiation

(Kapustin V.V. )

Settings of generation and detection of inhomogeneous electromagnetic waves are considered, which are distributing along the surfaces separating the areas with different electric and physical properties. The possibility of the use of these waves in georadar investigations with the purpose of geophysical engineering problems solution is shown.......

  • 2010  № 5, pp. 61-65