Issues of the journals for 2008 y.

Modular Well-Logging Data Processing System

(Shumilov A.V. )

General growth of hardware and software potential in has caused the appropriate evolution of software in terms of its continuous expansion to cover more logging techniques and develop an integrated well survey system of data interpretation. This article describes various software products developed at FXC-PNG LLC. In particular, SONA ТА system has been designed to cover wide range of well logging techniques, including various modifications of acoustic, nuclear and electromagnetic methods to provide solutions for a significant number of both technical and geological problems. The latest Method of sonic waveform logging data compression developed at FXC-PNG LLC opens additional possibilities to improve sonic waveform logging efficiency.......

  • 2008  № 3, pp. 61-65

Approaching Local Gravity Anomalies in the Mountainous Terrain

(Bulakh Ye.G. Markova M.N. Shinshin I.V. )

Approximation approach (when the source field is substituted by analyticalfunction) towards local gravity anomalies interpretation is still widely used. This paper deals with the case history of algorithmic solution of gravity problems and the observed field interpretation. The abnormal field in a mountainous region is presented with its reduction to free-air. The appropriate approximation allows to produce a horizontal plane dot field.......

  • 2008  № 3, pp. 66-72

Physical and Geological Modeling for Prospects Assessment of the Kommunarovsky Gold Mining Area

(Khristenko L.A. )

Brief information is given. It refers to geological feature and history of exploitation of Communard gold-ore deposit. Petrophysical and physicogeological models of Communard gold-field are produced. According to data of gravitational and magnetic exploration areas prospective to gold ore of stockwork type are chosen. Those ones prospective to auriferous residual soil are adduced too.......

  • 2008  № 3, pp. 73-76

Hydrocarbons and Reservoir Rock Saturation Estimates Using Seismic Data

(Kondratiev I.K. Bondarenko M.T. Ryzhkov V.I. Krivitsky A.B. )

It is suggested to study different size oilfields using optimum combination of independent seismic technologies: seismofacial analysis, optimized dynamic inversion, andfrequency-dependent seismic wave attenuation. The result of the study is the construction of facial model considering porosity distribution, effective thickness and hydrocarbon saturation. Data obtained in the oilfield in Western Siberia are presented.......

  • 2008  № 1, pp. 3-8

Geological and Geophysical Techniques Integration while Gas/Coal Fields Exploration and Development

(Popov V.V. )

Usually, traditional technologies used for naturally-occurring hydrocarbons E&P are not suitable for gas/coal field studies. This article presents custom-designed two-staged integrated technique which allows to: first, produce gas from the “combined” deposit, and, secondly, produce coalfrom the same horizon. Specific exploration andfield development techniques are discussed.......

  • 2008  № 1, pp. 9-15