Issues of the journals for 2008 y.

The Use of Differential Satellite Interferometry while Earth Crust Deformations Studies: Chuisk Earthquake, September 27, 2003

(Nazarian A.N. Mikhailov V.O. Kisseleva Ye.A. Smolyaninova Ye.I. Timoshkina Ye.P. Diaman M. Shapiro N. )

A method to determine small deformations of the Earth’s surface using satellite interferometry is considered. This method is in a vide use now for monitoring of natural (earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides) and technogenic (subsidence above tunnels and mines, in the vicinity of oil and gas boreholes etc) deformations. In this paper interferometry and GPS, as well as seismology and seismotectonic data are used to outline rupture surface of Chuya (Altai, 27.09.2003) earthquake and to estimate direction and amplitude of displacements on its segments.......

  • 2008  № 5, pp. 69-75

Seismic Reciprocity Justification for Layered Media. Part 1

(Denisov M.S. )

The properties ofsymmetry of the geometrical spreadingfactorfor an acoustic wave reflectedfrom a curved boundary are studied. The seismic reciprocity principle is shown to hold true. It is demonstrated that reciprocity also holds for diffractions.......

  • 2008  № 3, pp. 3-12