Issues of the journals for 2008 y.

Earth Crust Geophysical Modeling Using 1-SB Regional Line Data

(Galuev V.I. )

Construction of phys-geological models of a structure an earth’s crust by results of geolog-geophysical researches on basic structures is considered. Construction ofphysico-geological models of an earth’s crust, first of all is guided by the given seismic prospecting, as most informative method of deep researches. Data of seismic supervision at construction of physico-geological models are supplemented platform gravic and aeromagnetic measurements of scale 1:200 000. Owing to separate fragments of regional structures electromagnetic supervision magnetotelluric probe MTZ and AMTZ are lead, that provides in a complex with seismic and gravic data construction ofphys-geological models on four basic physical parameters: speeds, density, magnetizations and conductivity. The technology is developedfor creation of these models in ВНИИ-Geosystem on the basis of the geoinformation system INTEGRO, GEOPHYSICS which has received the name GIS-INTEGRO-GEOPHYSICS.......

  • 2008  № 5, pp. 33-42

Pulse Electromagnetic Soundings of Kimberlite Pipes

(Barsukov P.O. Fainberg E.B. Khabensky Ye.O. )

The electromagneticfieldsfor series of kimberlite pipe 3D models located in Arkhangelsk region of Russia were calculated. The model parameters were constructed using well-drilling, logging and results of transient electromagnetic sounding method. The possibilities of TEM-FAST technology used forfield measurements and interpretation at prospecting of high conductive kimberlite bodies were evaluated.......

  • 2008  № 5, pp. 46-50

Geoelectrical Heterogeneities of Lithosphere as Criteria for Kimberlite Pipes Exploration

(Pospeeva E.V. )

Medium-scale magnetotelluric soundings carried out in kimberlite regions of Yakutian and Arkhangelsk diamon-diferous provinces revealed specificfeatures of deep-seated geoelectric section of these territories. They have genetic link with processes of kimberlite-formation. All known fields and clusters of kimberlite and relative to it magmatism are located in the outlines of distinguished here conductive geoelectric heterogeneities. Availability of such heterogeneities can become one of deep-seated criteria of kimberlite-prospective sites’ allocation.......

  • 2008  № 5, pp. 51-56

Electrical Surveys for Hydrocarbon Saturation Forecasting

(Sochelnikov V.V. Nebrat A.G. Kisel S.A. )

The method ofpresorting IP anomalies overoil-gas fields is offered: the higher relatively background IP values accompany to oilfields and low - to gas ones. The method is based on the results of a great deal data obtained by different geoelectrical conditions in Russia and in abroad by the complex of IP and high-resolving electrical prospecting using the second seismoelectrical effect and the induction IP effect. On base of the hydrogeochemical data the higher and low IP values can be connected with increase of concentration of electron-conductive minerals over oilfields and with decrease of it over gas fields.......

  • 2008  № 5, pp. 57-58