Issues of the journals for 2008 y.

Seismoelectrical Model of the Okhotsko -Chukotsky Volcanic Belt and the Central Koryak Fold Basin Along the Verkhneye Penzhino - Korf Traverse

(Yakovlev A.G. Belyavsky V.V. Zolotov Ye.Ye. Nurmukhammedov A.G. Rakitov V.A. Shpak I.P. Khrapov A.V. )

Seismic and geoelectric deep investigation were carried out in 2004 - 2005 in the Okhotsk-Chukotka volcanic belt and Koryak-Kamchatka folded area. The main goal was to develop seismic and geoelectric medium parameters along regional profde Korf-Upper Penjino (500 km long) with using converted waves method and magnetotelluric measurements. The data analysis have revealed good correlation between tectonic structure peculiarity in the Koryak ore region, zones of high seismic attenuation, electrical conductivity anomalies and strong seismic activity.......

  • 2008  № 2, pp. 30-44