Issues of the journals for 2008 y.

Seismic Reciprocity Justification for Layered Media. Part 2

(Denisov M.S. )

The expression allowing the computation of the geometrical spreading factor of a reflected and transmitted wave for the model of earth with locally-homogeneous layers with curved boundaries is studied. The symmetrical properties of this expression are similar to those of the product of the reflection and transmission coefficients of the boundaries faced by the wave on its way from the source to the receiver. This proves that the seismic reciprocity principle holds for the direct and reflected waves in layered earth. The focusing and defocusing effects due to curvature of the boundaries are discussed.......

  • 2008  № 4, pp. 3-10

Forecasting Effective Reservoir Thickness Within Interwell Space: General Approach, Trends and Data Apprisal

(Kavun M.M. Stepanov A.V. Stavinsky P.V. )

In course of reservoir geological modeling, prediction of the oil/gas bearing reservoir in between boreholes seems to be one of the key problems. This paper considers the common ways of this prediction using statistical methods and seismic interpretation data. Lot of attention is paid to establish real limits of different techniques depending on geological conditions and modeling tasks. This paper sums up the authors’ experience in the West Siberia, Kazakhstan, Urals and Timan-Pechora fields.......

  • 2008  № 4, pp. 17-21