Issues of the journals for 2007 y.

New Facts for the Global Theory of Tectonic Disasters

(Kononov Yu.S. )

The tectonic katastrophes are the guickly going processes of the discharging of the efforts, which are accumulated in the earth - crust (litosphere). They are including usually the formation of the breakings and the cracks, the volcano - erupts, the strong earthquakers (and cunamy). At the last time they are notable by quality of the fluctuating processes in the difference from the linear, the regular processes, for example, the flow - ebb, the weak seismic vibrations and the other. The states of W.J.Shenderow has not the relation to the theory of the katastrophes. He confuses even the different versions of the plate - tectonic with the contract -hypothesis, the flows in the atmosphere and in the fluids (two with the different toughness), the flows and the waves and other. The idea about the soliton is abbe to be useful, but it demand of the careful studing with the stock of the aviabbe approach to determination of the waves of the different types.......

  • 2007  № 5, pp. 72-76