Issues of the journals for 2007 y.

Salt Domes: Optimized Model of Integrated Geophysical Data Interpretation

(Volkova E.N. Ryskin M.I. Sokulina K.B. )

The methodology of complex interpretation seismic and gravimagnetic data, focused on application in conditions salt domes pools is offered. The problem of overcoming of shielding influence of hydrochloric thickness is solved with the help deterministic techniques geological reduction and correlation division of a field of a gravity. Examples of the effective decision of a problem of localization of objects of search of oil and gas in under salt an interval of a cut are resulted.......

  • 2007  № 6, pp. 41-52

Resolution of Controlled-Source Geolectrical Surveying while Hydrocarbons Exploration

(Bobachev A.A. Spichak V.V. Avdeev D.B. )

A comparison of possibilities of different EM sounding methods (DC, CSEM, ТЕМ) with respect to exploration of the oil and gas deposits is carried out basing on the high accuracy 3D forward modeling of EM data. It is demonstrated that 3-D interpretation of EM data collected in the exploration area enables to increase the resolution ability of EM methods. The sensitivity analysis of the standard methods of the ground non -pulse electrical sounding has shown that both DC and ТЕМ methods allow to detect the upper edge of the deposit and its horizontal boundaries. Numerical modeling has resulted in conclusion that monitoring of the process of the hydrocarbon replacement by the fluids could be carried out using the ТЕМ technique taking into account the induced polarization effect.......

  • 2007  № 6, pp. 53-59

High-Resolution Aeromagnetic Data Interpretation while Bauxite Ores Exploration

(Kashtanov V.A. )

The paper considers nature the relation of micromagnetic anomalies to oil and gas fields bauxite bodies and other mineral resources which occur in Cretaceous terrigenous rocks in the northeast of West Siberia. Hydrocarbon accumulations have been discovered low magnetic properties. Alumina-rich rocks have been established to possess enhanced magnetic properties and, for this reason, induce highly intense anomalies. The examples of solution of the problems of prospecting for oil and gas fields, bauxites from high-precision aeromagnetic survey are presented.......

  • 2007  № 6, pp. 68-73

The Effectiveness of Early Induced Potential Technique while Tin/Complex Ores Exploration in the Primorsky Krai

(Stolov B.L. Batyrshina E.S. )

The article deals with analyzing the effectiveness of fast induced-polarizantion (TIP) methodfor exploration for tin and complex ores in Primorye. Basic facts about the essentials, searching opportunities andfunctional peculiarities of the method are given. The results of implementing the TIP method in searchingfor ore bodies of the major ore areas in Primorye are shown. It is established that the proved ore zones may be clearly recognized by the reduced rate of growing (S ) and apparent polarizability (r\ ). The method’s potentialities for distinguishing between productive (associated with ore mineralization) and ore-free zones, on the one hand, and between zones involving sulfide mineralization and graphitization, on the other, are shown. In further surveys, provision should be made for some supplementary conditions including: increased depth, unproved testing the method in dounhole surveying, earthing and developing rigorous interpretive criteria to be relied upon in terms ofsuperimposed sulfide mineralization and graphitization.......

  • 2007  № 6, pp. 74-80