Issues of the journals for 2007 y.

Geophysicists Should Know Mechanics!

(Trigubovich G.M. Dedov V.P. Alekseyev A.S. )

It has been demonstrated, that in GONG and ANChAR technologies no mechanical effects are identified, which are the basis of the prospecting sign of the first. In addition, from the mechanical point of view, the “expanding Earth ” hypothesis is adequate to the Earth’s crust folding.......

  • 2007  № 3, pp. 55-62

Basic Procedures of Transient Fields Data Processing and Interpretation

(Nikitin A.A. Petrov A.V. )

Basic procedures for nonstationary geophysical fields processing and interpretation are considered. These procedures are based on idea of the “alive ”form window. Dimensions and strike of such window are corrected regarding correlation characteristics variations of the field for each observation point. Basic procedures determine standard processing for potential fields.......

  • 2007  № 3, pp. 63-70

Forecasting of Oil and Gas Accumulations and Plays within Siberian Platforms by Conventional and Non-conventional DSS Data Prosessing and Interpretation

(Salnikov A.S. Kuznecov B.L. Titarenko V.V. Markov V.M. )

Relation between structural features of oil and gas presence in the Earth’s crust and upper-mantle within platform-type structures established. Depth criteria of forecasting oil and gas presence in the platform-type regions revealed. Using them as the base we have compiled a forecast map of oil and gas presence in Siberia which considerably increases oil-and-gas potential of the West Siberian Plate and Siberian Platform. A relation between the existing fields and zones of oil and gas accumulation and high-velocity blocks in the Earth’s crust were revealed by processing first-break DSS waves while seismic tomography. This relation made it possible to forecast seven zones of oil and gas accumulation in the Siberian Platform, which can be used as primary E&P goals. It is recommended that more detailed studies of the Earth’s crust be conducted by deep seismic methods using first-break DSS waves processed and interpreted using both traditional and alternative techniques.......

  • 2007  № 3, pp. 71-78