Issues of the journals for 2007 y.

Arenaceous/Aleurolitic Reservoirs Detection by Reduced Sets of Downhole Tools

(Rezvanov R.A. )

Well log analysis in boreholes, where direct indicators of permeable beds could be used (mudcake using microresistivity and caliper data, resistivity radial gradient), allowed to prove the possibility of permeable beds detection by using well logging sets not including methods mentioned above. This is, for example, a logging set which incorporated one of the porosity methods (neutron, density, or acoustic), and one of shaliness indicators (natural Gamma-ray or SP). This is important especially for those well bores that do not have microresistivity data (deviated, horizontal) or where SP data are distorted.......

  • 2007  № 2, pp. 43-48

Forward Geophysical Problem Solution for Freshwater Pools

(Vladov M.L. Kazak A.V. Kalinin V.V. )

This paper describes forward problem solution for spontaneous potential (SP) method in freshwaters. The natural SP field modeling filtration algorithm is discussed. The paper contains an introduction into SP method principles, prerequisites for its use in freshwaters, asks for the solution of the available forward geophysical problem. The main pan of the paper covers filtration processes. Also, it depicts a forward problem solution and modeling algorithm construction. A modeling example and comparison of its results to feield SP data are presented. In conclusion, advantages, disadvantages and application areas of the method are disscussed.......

  • 2007  № 2, pp. 49-55

Elecrical Measurements of 3-D Fluid Filtration while Studies of Complex Geological Structures

(Fomenko N.E. Porfilkin E.G. Borovik N.Yu. )

Theoretical substantiation of physical filtration in solving the complex geology problems using surface and borehole electrical prospecting. Principles of 3-D electrical filtration are proposed and effectiveness of their use while coalfields’ low-amplitude tectonic studies and underground pipeline mapping are discussed.......

  • 2007  № 2, pp. 56-62

Electromagnetic Studies of Leno-Amginsky Permafrost Rocks Petrophysical Characteristics

(Neradovskii L.G. )

A field experiment conducted at a strategic construction project has identified a low, yet significant correlation between the amplitude of a high-frequency electromagnetic field and the volumetric ice content of ice-rich permafrost soils in the Lena-Amga watershed. Linear and non-linear regression equations have been obtained that allow one to solve an inverse petrophysical problem normally within an error of 8 - 10%. Electromagnetic profiling thus provides a quick and low-cost method for determining in situ ground ice contents at any stage of geotechnical exploration.......

  • 2007  № 2, pp. 63-68