Issues of the journals for 2007 y.

Correction for Heterogeneities while Geological Modelling

(Istomin S.B. )

Paper accesses the necessity of taking into account lithological heterogeneity while geological modelling. It is especially importan t to solve the problem of heterogeneous geological models construction in the case of underdeveloped oilfield with sparse grid of wells. The possibility of using heterogeniety parameters instead of variogramm characteristics while sequential indicator simulation are discussed.......

  • 2007  № 4, pp. 186-190

Geological Modelling while Insufficient Data Availability Using DV-Geo Software Package

(Bilibin S.I. Perepechkin M.V. Yukanova E.A. )

This article considers enhancement of 3D geologic model validity. The proposed approach and algorithms are based on using essential models, geostatistical sections and probability modeling method. Technologies and modeling algorithm implemented in the DV-Geo software system are described. Examples are given showing the use of the proposed technology when the initial data set is scarce and essential understanding of the subsurface feature modeled is insufficient.......

  • 2007  № 4, pp. 191-194

Integrated Use of 3D Seismic and Well Logging Data while West Siberia Reservoirs Studies and Modelling

(Inyushkina A.A. Merzlyakova D.V. )

This paper presents examples of the combined use of seismic and well-logging data while prospecting of the Western Siberia HG fields. Nowadays, prospecting for nonanticline (litology) traps is of great importance, with clinoform structure of Achimov formation universally acknowledged. The well-logging data correlation based on the available seismic data is very important for correct reservoir modeling. Moreover, modern seismic methods allow for searching of reservoirs with high filtration and capacity, e. g. of channel and bar genesis.......

  • 2007  № 4, pp. 195-200

Practical Aspects of Interfluid Contacts Analysis while Oil and Gas Reservoirs Modelling

(Istomin S.B. Kavun M.M. Stepanov A.V. )

The experience of 3D geometry making of oil-water/gas-water contacts while geological modeling is summarized. Basic types of screens and their features are illustrated, and some ways to smooth contacts or to explain its non-horizontal view are discussed. The resulted practical recommendations may be useful for the most common geological situations are given.......

  • 2007  № 4, pp. 201-206

Specific Features of Tracing Tectonic Faults in the Talinsky Block of the Krasnoleninsky Dome and Their Role in Hydrocarbon Accumulations Formation

(Lavrik A.S. Pelevin M.L. Drabkin D.A. Brichikova M.P. )

This work tell us features of allocation methods of the tectonic dislocations which are rough surfaces, subvertical or inclined strike mainly. Their detection, tracing and mapping is the one of the primary aim of seismic interpretation. Fault zone and its fractured areas always are interested as a possible trap and a way of hydrocarbons migration. In our opinion, carrying out of tectonic constructions in the time of the studying a period of platform stage and consideration of logic in sedimentary formation development with basement evolution let us to explain the complex traps structure selectivity of oil deposits arrangement in it, its absence in different areas.......

  • 2007  № 4, pp. 207-210