Issues of the journals for 2007 y.

Induced Seismisity in Earthquake Forecasting

(Kondratjev O.K. Lyouke Ye.I. )

While earthquake forecasting it is very’ important to clarify the problem of earthquakes initiation by underground nuclear explosions and/or major earthquakes. This paper tries to cover the issue. Statistical analysis of the Earth’s seismic activity has been performed basing on the 1950 - 2005 International Eaethquake Catalog data with the dedicated software package. The results showed that, most probably, underground nuclear explosions and major earthquakes do not influence new earthquakes in the area.......

  • 2007  № 5, pp. 6-21

Deep-Crust Structure of the Ciscaucasia Region Based on the Yeisk - Stavropol - Caspian Regional Line Data Using Earthquake Converted-Wave Method

(Nedyadko V.V. Rakitov V.A. Zolotov Ye.Ye. Yegorkin A.V. )

. Deep investigations using earthquakes converted waves along the Yeisk - Stavropol - Caspian Sea regional profile showed that Earth crust in the area is formed with blocks divided by deep tectonic faults. Here, the Moho depth is located within 39 - 43 km depth interval. The time cross-section shows where the Moho wave weakens. It was established that at the base of the Earth crust there is a layer with the p-velocity of 7,8 - 8,0 km/s. Attenuation was calculated using converted waves spectra high in the Stavropol block, in the vicinity of the Chernolessk depression and in the Prikumsk uplift zone.......

  • 2007  № 5, pp. 22-25

Man-Induced Indications of Modern Geodynamics in the East-European Platform

(Rudakov V.P. )

The analysis of long-time fluid dynamics monitoring data within faulty structures in the Moscow Syneclise helped to reveal the pre-earthquake effects observed in the seismoactive areas. Moreover, it initiated research in man-induced indications of modern geodynamics in the East-European Platform, which influence the dynamics of gas pipeline failures in the area.......

  • 2007  № 5, pp. 26-29

Adaptive interpretation of neutron logging of oil and gas wells

(Kozhevnikov D.A. Kovalenko K.V. )

The correction technique for neutron well logging data interpretation has set of ineradicable errors sources of the caused by deficiency of the information about petrophysical and petrochemical characteristics of mineral components and other influencing factors. In article it is proved alternative, - adaptive, - a technique of this problem decision which allows to reduce essentially number of errors sources, and to increase accuracy, reliability and informativity of CNL. For the first time the algorithm of effective porosity determination for carbonate and terrigeneous intergranular reservoirs by double spacing neutron well logging (CNL) is proved.......

  • 2007  № 5, pp. 30-44