Issues of the journals Геофизика 2015 y. issue 1

Region methodology of 3D-prediction of reservoir properties from 2D seismic data

(Kopilevich E.A. Surova N.D. )

This article is about new methodology for 3D-prediction of reservoir properties from 2D seismic data. Methodology is based on technology of creating 2D sedimentation reservoir properties of sedimentary basin, region 3D and complex spectral-velocity prediction. Testing of this new Methodology shows on example fractional porosity and effective thickness upper part of Riphean deposits (200 m), low Vendian terrigenous, low Cambrian deposits in the limits of Sredne-Taimyrinsky and Sobinsky cubes located in Noth Tunguska and Katanga petroleum basin.......

  • 2015  № 1, pp. 2-9

Structure of productive clinoform horizon by seismic data

(Butorin A.V. )

The study of perspective areas, witch not covered by intensive drilling, based on the results of the dynamic interpretation of seismic data. In nowadays there are a large amount of algorithms for researching wave field, which are characterized by different output results. This article discussed the use of several methods of analysis of the wave field on the example of clinoform productive formation of one of the fields of the Noiabr’skiy region of the West Siberian sedimentary basin, which is at an early stage of development.......

  • 2015  № 1, pp. 10-18

Forcast of Domanicoid thickness in the Buzuluk depression by the reservoir acoustic inversion

(Kondratiev I.K. Bondarenko M.T. Tarasenko E.M. Kissin Yu.M. Fortunatova N.K. )

It is demonstrated the possibility of identifying and tracing on seismoacoustic section obtained by means of stratum acoustic inversion, low velocity deposits of Domanic horizon in the north Buzuluk depression. Taking into account the log data of drilled wells at this area, the thickness of perspective Domanic interval, which may contain bituminous oil-saturated rocks, are estimated.......

  • 2015  № 1, pp. 19-25

Comparison analysis of transient electromagnetic field sources

(Pospeev A.V. Egorov I.V. )

Based on the analysis of synthetic data the resolution capability of transient electromagnetic soundings using magnetic and electric sources in geoelectric conditions of the south of the Siberian platform has been estimated. It is shown that the magnetic source has a number of technological and geological advantages due to the optimum ratio of induction and polarizing signals. By using the coefficient of an array and the value of current in a transmitter it is much more beneficial compared to differentiation approaches when studying conductivity and polarization effects of the subsurface. The sensitivity of apparent resistivity curves and differentially normalized parameters to variations in geoelectric properties of layers has been calculated.......

  • 2015  № 1, pp. 26-30

Monitoring of electromagnetic parameters in the seismic activity zone of Gornii Altai

(Nevedrova N.N. Shalaginov A.E. )

Results of the electromagnetic monitoring performed in epicentral area of the devastating Chuya earthquake of 2003 are presented in the article. Based on the interpretation of field data for 2007-2013 variations of section’s geoelectric parameters (resistivity and coefficient of anisotropy) after strong seismic action are obtained. It is shown, that temporal changes of conductivity and coefficient of anisotropy characterize the proceeding aftershocks process, the current seismicity and displays process of restoration of the geological environment after a destructive event.......

  • 2015  № 1, pp. 31-40