Issues of the journals Геофизика 2012 y. issue 4

Development of the method of constructing seismic sections on the results of observations of VSP in curved wells

(Yakupov M.T. )

The first version of processing complex of well seismographic observation data in geophysical company Geostra has been completed. This complex, called GeoSeis Pro include program which constructs seismic profile using inclined or curvilinear well data. The distinguishing feature of this program is capability to construct seismic profiles using line of reflection points in 3D volume.......

  • 2012  № 4, pp. 54-57

Experimental work on testing systems of seismic signal registrations

(Gafarov R.M. )

The article highlights the results of test surveys after testing two cable-free logon systems - GSR, “OYO Geospace ” production (The USA), and Unite manufactured by “Sercel ”( France) on the profile as part of the production project. Description of the complete cycle is given from equipment arrangement on the profile till receiving seismographic records in SEG-D size. Processing effect is introduced in order to compare free-cab/e systems and cable telemetering.......

  • 2012  № 4, pp. 58-64

On the multiplicity of surveillance CDP-3D

(Enikeev R.Kh. )

Increase in signal-noise ratio due to CDP stack is reduced in the case of correlated noise model. When the stack value is very much the signal-noise ratio depends on the coefficient of correlation only.......

  • 2012  № 4, pp. 65-67

Issues of strategic planning in the Bashneftegeofizika and innovative solutions

(Syuldina E.B. )

The article introduces and proves efficiency of consistent economic-organizing mechanism for geophysical company innovative activity planning. The mechanism is based on sequential sorting of innovative activity as comprehensive system, connecting targets and particularities of innovative activity with company development objectives. An advantage of proposed mechanism is correlation between components of innovative activity planning, including innovative development, innovation process and establishment of innovation.......

  • 2012  № 4, pp. 68-72

Practical application of IFRS in the group of companies Bashneftegeofizika

(Khaybullina G.R. )

The article discusses first adoption of preparation financial statements according to IFRS standards. Difficulties faced during the process are analyzed on the face of solutions found. As a result the Company prepared financial statements according to IFRS for 2010 and 2011 reporting periods. Being based on the prevalence of economic substance rather than legal form, financial statements prepared under IFRS serve as an effective tool for decision-making.......

  • 2012  № 4, pp. 73-74