Issues of the journals Геофизика 2012 y. issue 4

Oil and gas north of Krasnoyarsk region: problems of development and prospects for development

(Adiev R.Ya. Baldin V.A. Munasypov N.Z. )

Due to its remoteness and underdeveloped infrastructure Taimyr still remains the least explored region of Russia in regard to geology. Regional seismic explorations CDP 2D method of high distance , first carried out in Taimyr at the beginning of the XXI century, together with other geological-geophysical data allowed to modify essentially the structural model of Yenisei-Khatanga regional down fold and adjoining territories of Mountainous Taimyr, Siberian platform, Western Siberian plate. Petrolium potential of the north-east of Western Siberia, north-west of Siberian platform and western part of Taimyr fold system has been estimated from new positions. An allocation of a new oil and gas promising sedimentary basin of piedmont-type in the Riphean-Paleozoic deposits (South-Taimyr potential oil and gas bearing region - OGBR) has been founded within South-Taimyr tectonic area of Mountainous Taimyr. It is shown that the major part of Yenisei-Khatanga oil and gas bearing area (OGBA), including Ust-Yenisei trench and diagonal system of fault megalithic banks of Ob-Laptev ridge within Yenisei-Khatanga regional down fold, regarding structural and primary sedimentation features (including - spreading of Neocomian clinoform zone) constitute a part of Western-Siberian oil and gas bearing basin and form in the north of Siberia a new oil and gas bearing area with high-density ofpotential resources of hydrocarbon: Ust- Yenisei oil and gas bearing area of Western-Siberian petroleum province. In the north-west of Siberian platform where a range of big megalithic banks with oil-and-gas-promising Riphean-lower Paleozoic deposits were mapped by seismic-exploration works CDP for the first time, Igarka-Norilsk oil and gas bearing area was marked out. Prospective oil lands of forming Bolshekhetskiy oil production centre have been positioned; primary objectives on implementation of large-scale oil and gas programs in the north of Krasnoyarsk territory have been defined.......

  • 2012  № 4, pp. 4-12

Historical and geological model and the prospects for oil and gas Nakhodkinskoye Yurkharovskoye-zone inversion-ring structures of Cretaceous basin Bolshekhetskaya

(Munasypov N.Z. Selyanin V.F. Kiselev V.V. )

There are regarded morphogenetic features of ring structure of Nakhodka gas field chalk deposits of the Western Siberia Bolshekhetskaya depression. On the basis of the complex geological interpretation of 3D seismic and drilling there has been worked out a historical-geological model of formation of similar geological objects, correlated with vertical ring area of destruction, which appeared as a result of catastrophic gas blast (gas tubes or blow holes) in the Prepaleogene period. The outburst intensity determines the top level of gas deposit and a degree of disintegration and fracturing in the chalk and Jurassic deposits, creating deficit of interval velocity and as a consequence geometry distortion of low chalk and Jurassic refectors. Mapping similar geological objects by seismic exploration 3D does not involve any difficulty. The main problem is in recovery of true geometry of potentially prospective formations of Jurassic interval on the basis of deep migration.......

  • 2012  № 4, pp. 13-19

The analysis and justification of the need to continue research area of the South Tatar arch in search of hydrocarbons based on renovating seismic CDP-3D at the present level of tech

(Kiselev V.V. Petrykina L.B. Khakimova E.V. Nizamutdinova I.N. Salikhova A.A. )

There is given a brief review of the situation with geological-geophysical activity within the South-Tatar crest and substantiated the necessity continuation of seismic works on the basis of new technological and scientific achievements at all stages of sequential performance of seismic exploration by CDP method from field works on out to providing complex of recommendations for drilling. There are produced substantiating reasons on the example of newly discovered oil pools.......

  • 2012  № 4, pp. 19-22

Prospects of Neocomian clinoforms Hangokurtsko-Tugrovskogo plot Urai region

(Gutnik O.S. Savenko V.A. )

Nowadays, when the stock of anticline hydrocarbon traps is substantially exhausted , reserve replacement may and should be carried out by means of exploring potentially prospective features, confined to «поп-traditional», for this or that region, structural stages. For Cray region they are Neocomian and pre-Jurassic. But, if pre-Jurassic structural stage is being explored actively enough and numerous evidence of its productivity significantly work towards it, Neocomian interval is undeservingly forgotten, whereas grounds for including it into the list ofprospective ones are big. On the basis ofpaleogeomorphic and dynamic analyses there is given a forecast of reservoir extent in sediments of harosoimskaya formation, as most prospective ones from the viewpoint of pros-pecting hydrocarbon traps there.......

  • 2012  № 4, pp. 23-26