Issues of the journals Геофизика 2012 y. issue 1

The prediction methods of filtration-capacitive properties in the volume within boreholes

(Kopilevich E.A. Surova N.D. )

The prediction methods of filtration-capacitive properties in the volume within boreholes is developed and protected, for example perspective Lower Cretaceous sequences in Vankor deposit. The methods is adaptation of universal innovation technology of complex spectral-velocity prediction geological types of sequences and filtration-capacitive properties of sequences for specific geoseismic conditions in Bolshechetskiy arch. The using of this methods allow to create cube of hydraulic permeability for the first time in seismic practice. After the following drilling the prediction accuracy was defined by the comparison way of prediction and actual values of hydraulic permeability.......

  • 2012  № 1, pp. 20-26

Oil and gas deposits evaluation of Nadym-Purskoy OGB based on complex interpretation of geological and geophysical data

(Timurziev A.I. Shumeykin S.A. Shumeykin A.S. )

The theoretical basis for formulation the criteria is the theory of generation and accumulation oil and gas, which based on new geodynamic model of development of Western Siberia and concept about influence of tectonics shears on the forming hydrocarbons. Mathematical basis of complex analysis is the theory ofpattern recognition based on image classification techniques, which widely used in the processing space information. The results of integrated analysis of the gravitational and magnetic fields with data of aerospace and geodetic research, allow to perform zoning Vyngapurovsk and Gubkinsk petroliferous area for prospects of opening oil and gas deposits, as well as evaluate the probability of detecting oil and gas for the found geological structures, ranking their prospects for projecting priority seismic and drilling works.......

  • 2012  № 1, pp. 27-30