Issues of the journals Геофизика 2010 y. issue 5

Decomposition and analysis of seismic fields based on layers of wavelet decomposition

(Salnikov A.S. Sagaydachnaia O.M. Dunaeva K.A. )

Methodology of seismic data processing and analysis with use of wavelet fdtration based on discrete wavelet decomposition of signal on detailed layers is proposed. Wavelet decomposition on detailed layers broadens abilities of seismic data dynamic processing, analysis and interpretation. It is important that wavelet fdtration based on wavelet decomposition detailed layers gives possibility to keep local anomalies of signal component. Efficiency of wavelet filtration is demonstrated on real seismic data: three-component wave sondes (Krasnoyarsk Territory); deep seismic survey (DSS) that were obtained by “land - sea ’’observation system (Chukchi Region).......

  • 2010  № 5, pp. 9-17

Classification of terrigenous reservoir by clays distribution character

(Kosterina V.A. Kulapova M.V. )

The way of terrigenous formation differentiation based on clay material character is present. The laminated and dispersed clay influences on rock various ways. The formation differentiation on two types including: microlaminated clayey aleurolites; aleurolites and sandstones with dispersed clay, have been conducted for Devonian in Uhtinsky area. For defined formation types the various critical properties of porosity and relative clayiness are established. The correlation for estimation of filtration properties and saturation have been obtained. To estimate flow composition (one or two phase flow) the critical format in indexes should be evaluated separate for laminated and dispersed clay rocks.......

  • 2010  № 5, pp. 18-23

Prediction of oil potential with the use of electric exploration technologies

(Goryunova A.S. Kiselev E.S. Ovcharenko A.V. )

The article specifies the geoelectrical model of hydrocarbon deposits, based on modern concepts of the mechanisms of migration and accumulation of hydrocarbons. The paper gives an overview of electrical methods usedfor prediction of oil-bearing geological section. The article gives recommendations for optimization of electrical technology for prediction of oil-bearing.......

  • 2010  № 5, pp. 24-28

Capabilities of high-resolution electrical exploration for reef structures delineation in Saratovski Volga River basin

(Sochelnikov V.V. Nebrat A.G. Kisel S.A. )

Certain complexities are marked by detachment of oil-bearing formations of reef type with help of only seismic prospecting. It is shown that use of the high-resolving electric prospecting technology permits to become additional information that promotes to more dependable prognosis of oil-and-gas content.......

  • 2010  № 5, pp. 29-32