Issues of the journals Геофизика 2011 y. issue 3

Method of estimating the dynamic parameters of elastic waves in acoustic logging

(Sidorov V.K. Tarantin M.V. )

Calculation of attenuation coefficient in rocks using acoustic log data is shown to be improbable due to high level of noise caused by the local waves scattering in the borehole tool receivers’ vicinity. Using a developed by the authors phonon-phonon mechanism of the elastic wave propagation in porous media a new parameter is obtained being equivalent to the attenuation but exceeding it by degree when in corresponding units, that makes it more noiseproof. This parameter is validated by acoustic log data.......

  • 2011  № 3, pp. 7-12

Some results of abnormal pressures prediction in the sedimentary section of South-Caspian basin with the use of seismic data

(Feyzullayev A.A. Shykhaliev Yu.A. )

A summarization of the results of all past studies of the patterns of distribution of fluid pressures in the South Caspian Basin, from well logs and actual down hole measurements to depths of approximately 7 km, makes it possible to identify two basic overpressure zones in this interval which are most distinctive in the Baku Archipelago. The authors demonstrate that overpressures in the upper zone are caused by uneven consolidation (under consolidation) of rocks, while overpressures in the lower zone are caused by hydrocarbon generation, he results of the first attempt in the South Caspian Basin to predict overpressures directly on the basis of seismic data are quite consistent with theoretical developments and traditional diagnostic methods.......

  • 2011  № 3, pp. 13-20

Passive small aperture seismic survey for microseismic activity studies of the Chuya earthquake fractured zone

(Kulikov V.A. Salnikov A.S. Sagaydachnaia O.M. Sibiryakov B.P. Sibiryakov E.B. Dunaeva K.A. )

The results of studies of seismic activity of the 2003 Chuya earthquake’s epicentral area are presented. The small aperture spreads with recording over a wide range of frequencies were implemented. It is shown that seismic activity of this territory is produced not only by aftershock process, but also by weaker events. The feature of these events is that the coordinates of epicenters are concentrated directly over the area of visually observable ruptures, and they are located at a depth of occurrence of the most low-velocity layer of geological section, which is the source of low-velocity waves carrying the dominant frequencies of seismic emission of the fractured zone.......

  • 2011  № 3, pp. 21-28

Integration of geo and electro-chemical methods in prediction of oil and gas occurrence

(Shigaev V.Yu. Reshetnikov M.V. )

The article demonstrates the main principles of complexation of geo -electro-chemical research with the geological and geophysical methods of hydrocarbon deposits prediction. The problem of direct prediction of oil and gas content is solved through the combined interpretation of geochemical, geo-electrochemical and thermomagnetic researches rendering direct and indirect information about the deposit. Alekseyevskaya oil deposit is taken as an example.......

  • 2011  № 3, pp. 29-31