Issues of the journals Геофизика 2012 y. issue 6

About determination the area of space, significantly influencing on measurement’s results in electromagnetic methods of geophysics

(Karinskiy A.D. Daev D.S. )

In the paper we gave ground of a new (on our opinion) term «the area of space, significantly influencing on measurement’s results» with reference to some electrical and electromagnetic methods of geophysics. In case of electromagnetic field at appropriate conditions the secondary field of each small object of isometric form, different on electromagnetic parameters from surrounding medium, can be liken to the field of alternating electrical or magnetic dipoles situated and centered in this object. In the case of stationary electrical field or alternatingfield in non-magnetic medium the secondary field of such object can be approximated by that of electric dipole. Some examples of this approach application for resistivity method and crosshole radio-frequency survey are given.......

  • 2012  № 6, pp. 42-53

Electrotomography - in the geophysics

(Balkov E.V. Panin G.L. Manshteyn Yu.A. Manshteyn A.K. Belorodov V.A. )

The paper describes a state of the DC tomography geophysical technique. The analysis of commercial equipment and interpretation software is presented. The features of different array types are studied. By means of mathematical modeling the resolution of array was estimated. The most effective ones are gradient, pole-dipole, dipole-dipole and Schlumberger. To achieve more deep results the use of forward and reverse pole-dipole arrays is recommended. Authors also presents their own equipment SibER 48. Some case studies are considered. Both the modeling and practice demonstrate the effectiveness of the technique.......

  • 2012  № 6, pp. 54-63

Modeling of gravimagnetic fields of primary diamond deposits in areas of Perman-Triassic traps

(Konstantinov K.M. Novopashin A.V. Evstratov A.A. Konstantinov I.K. )

With the subtraction method ofpolygenetic potential fields are calculated gravimagnetic anomalies for three variants of 3D petrophysical models (PPhM) of primary diamond deposits, characteristic of areas of Permian-Triassic traps. Physical properties of rocks were obtained from oriented samples collected from quarries and mines. Define the boundaty geometric and physical parameters of the PPhM, in which anomalies can be released kimberlite pipe-type nature.......

  • 2012  № 6, pp. 64-72

Complexity of graviny and magnetic survey for direct exploration of oil-gas deposin in Aztrbaijan condition

(Gadirov V.G. )

It is analyzed gravity-magnetic survey questions for direct prognosis of oil-gas deposit in geological condition of Azerbaijan and it is show efficiency complexity of these methods. It is based and it is quality estimated changes of some physical parameters in sub vertical zone over and under deposit. It is show separation of local anomaly stipulated with hydrocarbon deposits and diagnostic indication deposit type anomaly.......

  • 2012  № 6, pp. 73-77