Issues of the journals Геофизика 2012 y. issue 6

Geophysical technologies: Structure - functiqnal flow-diagram and quality attributs

(Blumentsev A.M. Melchuk B.Yu. Abrosimov M.G. )

Considered is a generalized structure-functional flow-diagram illustrating the conversion of information in course of applying geophysical technologies in the exploration of mineral resources. Discussed is a system of basic and additional quality attributes of geophysical technologies.......

  • 2012  № 6, pp. 3-7

System inversion of a complex of the geologo-geophysical data

(Kobrunov A.I. )

The logic formalism underlying software of interpretative process for a complex of the geologo-geophysical data based on system approach to studied geological object is analyzed. Base principles of the system analysis of the geologo-geophysical data for the purpose of construction of substantial fiziko-geological models include: a generality of a prototype for all a component of substantial fiziko-geological models that allows to use actively a principle similarity in designing of system of models; adequacy of procedures of modeling to natural taws; existence of modelled history of formation of objects as expression of causally geological communication component FGM. Being based on three principles of the system analysis, the problem of system inversion of a complex of the geologo-geophysical data is formulated and principles of its decision on the basis of decomposition of a problem and the subsequent synthesis of results are given. Existing technologies of inversion within the limits of concrete modeling classes and ideas of optimization can be considered as elements of decomposition of a problem of system inversion, but inclusion in procedure of synthesis of decisions demand.......

  • 2012  № 6, pp. 8-15

The metod of the group account of arguments in the analysis of geophysical date

(Muravina O.M. )

In article possibilities of a method of the group accounting of arguments (MG HA) from positions of its application in geophysical practice are analyzed. Theoretical and practical bases of a method, classes of basic functions, the criteria applied to selection of the best models, the algorithms realizing generation of a set of options are considered. The conclusion that the theory of MGUA does not contradict the basic methodological principles of interpretation of geophysical data that is the basis of its use at creation of structural and parametrical models according to experimental geophysical data is drawn.......

  • 2012  № 6, pp. 16-20

Statistical models of hierarchical systems in geophysics

(Ustinova V.N. Ustinova I.G. )

Discretization, hierarchical inclosuring and the presence of typical forms for geological and geophysical fields of objects allowed the authors to perform their ranking, to develop probabilistic and statistical methods for analysis of such systems and the separation of the fields. The authors have established the presence for typical forms of seismic structures, in the reflected seismic signals, for the morphological exertions of seismic facies that enclosing deposits of hydrocarbons and in the spatial combination of structure cracks. Typing for forms of structures and morphological forms of geophysical anomalies, the seismic signals with involving autocorrelation analysis was applied to the seismic signal recovery procedures and structural models, in the formation of efficient graph processing and interpretation of seismic data.......

  • 2012  № 6, pp. 21-27

The prediction methods of geological types of Vend-Rifey sequences in the Eastern Siberia

(Kopilevich E.A. Larkin V.N. Afanasyev M.L. Surova N.D. )

The prediction methods of geological types of vend-rifey sequences from the seismic data is developed. The methods is adaptation of universal innovation technology of complex spectral-velocity prediction geological types of sequences and filtration-capacitive properties of sequences (CSVP) for specific geoseismic conditions in south-west of Siberian ancient platform. The using of this methods allow to create allocation plans of oil and gas perspective types of sequences for vend and upper part of rifey sequences. The achieved results afford to subtract potential zones for next seismic prospecting and new well site.......

  • 2012  № 6, pp. 28-34