Issues of the journals Геофизика 2010 y. issue 6

Petrophysical connections at geological interpretation of data obtained by seismic inversion

(Kondratiev I.K. Bondarenko M.T. Kissin Yu.M. )

Forecasting of the capacity parameters of reservoirs according to the data of seismic inversion based on the connection between capacity parameters and acoustic impedance. However due to objective reasons it is not always possible to install representative or close enough interrelations. Practical examples demonstrate that in such cases geological connections of capacity parameters with each other can be useful.......

  • 2010  № 6, pp. 3-8

Geo-soliton model of hydrocarbon deposits generation in the North of Western Siberia

(MEGERJA V.M. Bembel R.M. Bembel M.R. )

This article gives an overview of morphological features of oil and gas hydrocarbon deposits of Northern areas of Western Siberia, Yamal and contiguous water areas of Kara Sea. The article discloses high degree of locality high-flow-rate sites and mosaic character of their spatial distribution. The author states that the solution of the genetic mechanism of formation of local centers of high-rate-flow zones predetermines not only methodology of exploration of hydrocarbon deposits, but also technology of reliable contouring and development. The certain features of a seismic wave field, revealed through processing and geological interpretation, are the signs of high-flow-rate areas. These features prove in the form of sub vertical zones of the lowered amplitudes, low sized positive structural forms and in the raised level of disseminated and diffracted waves.......

  • 2010  № 6, pp. 9-17

Seismic waves associated with fault areas: opportunities of use for reliable interpretation of geological faults

(Voskresenskiy Y.N. Tverdokhlebov D.N. )

Faults can be determined based on analysis of the reflected waves field in case of strong dynamic reflections. Along with the reflected waves important information about faults is contained in waves associated with faults areas - diffracted and duplex waves. The presence of these waves is a direct sign of faults existence in geological environment and their use can increase the reliability of multiscale faults geological interpretation - from regional level to localfaults with fractures. Notes that the different nature of the diffracted and duplex waves formed in faults areas, under certain conditions, have similar kinematic parameters and it could be the basis for their common use for faults mapping. A technique offaults identification, based on common ideas about reducing reflections intense for the best diffraction energy selection, and realizable in traditional seismic data processing procedures is demonstrated. The results of technique is presented in practical use on model and real seismic data.......

  • 2010  № 6, pp. 18-27

Application of the broadband radiation in the marine geophysics for studies of bottom structure

(Bakharev S.A. Zavalko E.V. Rogozhnikov A.V. )

The possibilities of application of acoustic antennas with high-gain directional broadband radiation in the marine geophysics are analysed; the patterns of non-linear hydroacoustics are used in these antennas; they are installed on the remote-operated vehicle directly on the hull of research vessel or towed behind it just above the bottom in the small-sizal device.......

  • 2010  № 6, pp. 33-38