Issues of the journals Геофизика 2010 y. issue 4

Using Local Corrections Technique to Solve Structural Magnetometry Problems

(Martyshko P.S. Pyankov V.A. Rublyov A.L. )

Using observed data we can calculate parameter within the Earth crust correlated for each geophysical field. Such as we can calculate magnetization distribution for magnetic field. We have developed an original iterative method of solving magnetic structure inverse problem (on the basis of local correction method). We suppose that magnetic field value at observed point due to nearest part of surface S which is boundary between two layers with different magnetization. This idea let us to reduce nonlinear inverse problem to algebraic equation which can be solved easy. In this paper we describe new results of construction of the Earth crust magnetic models (Polar and Southern Ural Mountains).......

  • 2010  № 4, pp. 3-8

Setting Up and Solving Inverse Magnetotelluric Sounding Tasks for Distributed Parameters Media

(Kobrunov A.I. Zharkoy G.S. )

We consider the decision of three-dimensional inverse problem of magnetotelluric sounding in complexly environments, characterized by spatially distributed parameters conductivity of the medium. The equivalence effects and latent equivalence effects are broadly evident in these problems. For their compensation is proposed to use an approach based on acceptance criteria for the selection decision on the principle of optimality. We introduced the class of criteria and describe the methods that follow from this approach. Presented and discussed the test results which demonstrate the features of this approach.......

  • 2010  № 4, pp. 9-16

ACDV for explore the geological structur of complex hydro-carbon deposits

(Postnova O.V. Gutman I.S. Balaban I.Yu. Rudnev S.A. Saakian M.I. )

A new approach to explore the geological structure of complex hydro-carbon deposits is proposed. The approach is based on join usage of automatic detailed well-log correlation. Using permo-carbon tough oil deposit as an example the article shows how to reveal fractions zones based on detailed automatic correlation. Than together with dynamic visualisation biogerm (reef knoll) geological bodies are marked out.......

  • 2010  № 4, pp. 17-25

Passive Seismic Monitoring: Seismic Emission Tomography

(Aleksandrov S.I. )

Seismic emission tomography is considered as fobe new technique for passive seismic monitoring of real-time data processing. The method is based on adaptive polarization focusing with a high-resolution technique. It works in fully automatic mode with interference noise prooffeature. The method is tested on hydrofrac experimental data obtained with the use of multilevel 3C vertical cables. This paper is focused on the applied processing techniques.......

  • 2010  № 4, pp. 26-29

Integrated Geophysical Data Interpretation for the Voronezh Anticline and Ryazan-Saratov Bend Contact Zone

(Volkova E.N. Ryskin M.I. Sokulina K.B. Sokolova I.P. Titarenko I.A. )

The paper consideres the results of geological interpretation of geophysical data obtained during acquisition of regional Uvarovo-Svobodny line that is 376km long. In the course of interpretation the integrated gravity and magnetic imaging and combined seismic and electrical sections were used. The new tectonic elements are delineated and the previously known ones are confirmed, the position of their interfaces are updated.......

  • 2010  № 4, pp. 31-40