Issues of the journals Геофизика 2011 y. issue 6

The concept of hydrocarbon degassing of the Earth in the interpretation of data of seismic method

(Kuzin A.M. )

Background papers (basic works) on abiogenous nature ofpetroleum origin were published more than half a century ago. Since that time the experimental base of this conception has been substantially changed. At present, abiogenous conception of petroleum origin is considered within the theory of hydrocarbon degassing of the Earth. If nearly until 1990‘ ' the significant results were obtained in geochemical studies, then, during the subsequent period geophysical and, primarily, seismic studies began to play the principal role.......

  • 2011  № 6, pp. 3-10

High-speed blocks of the earth's crust Siberia and their relationship with mineral deposits

(Salnikov A.S. Kuznecov B.L. Titarenko V.V. )

Using considerable factual evidence derived from deep seismic investigations of the as the base it is shown that hard and gaseous mineral deposits are related to of high velocity which in their turn result from paleoactivation of mantle processes having brought about the invasion of solid earth by mantle masses, gases and fluids included, over deep fault channels. The relation between deposits, crustal blocks of high velocity and deep faults necessitates modifications to existing tactics and strategy of their revealing and studying.......

  • 2011  № 6, pp. 11-21

Use of seismic surveys to study the effects of underground nuclear explosions of the surrounding geological environment

(Beljashov A.V. Mukusheva M.K. )

The results of studied earth crust seismic parameters within Semipalatinsk Test Site are presented. Main tasks were to study physical consequences from nuclear tests developed as disintegration zones in host rocks in order to predict migration mechanisms of ground waters and radionuclide fractions carried by them. During investigations the set of seismic techniques was applied. These are spatial sounding and earthquake converted-wave method.......

  • 2011  № 6, pp. 36-41

Magnetic anomalies in the Central and Eastern parts of the East European platform on measurements of the satellite CHAMP

(Abramova L.M. Abramova D.Yu. Filippov S.V. )

Results of satellite magnetic survey can bring in the essential contribution at construction of geological maps and studying of a deep structure of territories. With the advent of the first magnetic maps received from satellites, there were new sights at an opportunity of interpretation of long-wave magnetic anomalies. The morphology of the regional lithospheric magnetic anomalies distribution above central and east parts of the Eastern Europe platform by results of survey on German satellite CHAMP is analyzed. Fragments of satellite magnetic maps of different scales are constructed and considered. Interpretation has shown that the magnetic anomalies were connected to the large-scale tectonic features while the strong correlation with the geological structures was absent.......

  • 2011  № 6, pp. 48-55