Issues of the journals Геофизика 2009 y. issue 3

Reaction of Fractured Block Structures Towards Seismoacoustic Treatment and Natural Vibrations. Part 1. Fractures Evolution Under Man-Induced and Natural Loads

(Fayzullin I.S. Dyakonov B.P. )

Leading mechanisms of accumulation and redistribution of strain on structural elements of crack-block geoenvironment are considered. Algorithms of an estimation of displacement of interblock contacts and increments of lengths of cracks depending on a tension, properties of breeds and peak-time characteristics of operating anthropogenic and natural variable loadings are received.......

  • 2009  № 3, pp. 5-11

Wavelet Analysis of Seismic Images

(Alekseev V.I. Bobryshev A.N. )

Method and results of two-dimensional wavelet analysis of 2D and 3D images are presented. Proposed method allows to find and allocate horizontal and vertical-diagonal anomalies, which are features of 2D seismic images. These features are typical for the rock which contains carbon. Proposed method can be used effectively to interpret the seismologic data.......

  • 2009  № 3, pp. 12-15

Well-Logging Tools Integration while Acquiring Source Rock Characteristics

(Kosterina V.A. Nikiforova O.G. Sokolova T.F. )

It is suggested approach and developed transparency for determining contents of kerogen (organic matter), shale material and whole porosity index of oil producing rocks using by interconnecting gamma-gamma density and two-probe modification of neutron methods. By plotting transparency takes into account of information about composition of precipitations timed to upper Jurassic in Salymskoe deposit. In this article some comparisons of kerogen volumetric content and whole porosity determination of investigated rocks used by suggested approach and by interconnecting neutron and gamma methods, confirmed accuracy increasing of determination above-named parameters in oil producing rocks by interconnecting gamma-gamma and neutron methods are presented. Conclude, that it is necessary to investigate relationship of radioactivity of oil producing rocks to kerogen content.......

  • 2009  № 3, pp. 16-19

Direct and Inverted Magnetometry Problem for the System of Horizontal Cylindrical Bodies

(Bulakh Ye.G. Mikheeva T.L. )

The decision of a forward and inverse problem magnitometry in a class is horizontal the located circular cylinders. The attention to opportunities of using of this decision for construction of analytical model of an initial external field, for an estimation of a site of the magnetized ore bodies, for designing complex geological model which mass can observed field is stressed.......

  • 2009  № 3, pp. 20-26

Modern Areomagnetic and Gamma-Spectrometry Techniques while In-Depth Mapping of Ancient Magneto-Anisotropic Rocks

(Demoura G.V. )

On the data of the precision airborne spectrometry and magnetic survey which have been carried within the limits of development archean and paleoproterozoic rocks the effective variant of localization of perspective areas adjoining to unique uranium deposit Rossing (Namibia) is considered. 3D modelling of the magnetic survey data has resulted in construction of deep geomagnetic sections on a vertical gradient of relative distribution of magnetic mass. Reliability of the received magnetic-anisotropic sections is proved thermomagnetic analysis and parametrical measurements magnetic susceptibility of the archean crystal shists and migmatite of Aldanian shield formed in similar geological conditions and having close uranium specialization. Deep geomagnetic sections on the base of strong magnetic markers, provide the sanction of small depths in conditions of weak differentiation of rocks on the density and velocity parameters.......

  • 2009  № 3, pp. 27-32