Issues of the journals Геофизика 2009 y. issue 2

Use of Integrated Geophysical Technology While Oil and Gas Fields Exploration and Prospecting

(Myatchin K.M. Yermakov B.V. Ovcharenko A.V. )

Integrated geological and geophysical technologies developed by Geoneftegaz include seismic surveys adapted to local terrain conditions, dynamic interpretation of seismic data, high-resolution electrical survey (induced polarization technique), and high-precision gravity survey. Integrated use of these technologies in a number of oil and gas provinces of Russia showed their high efficiency while hydrocarbon deposits exploration and prospecting.......

  • 2009  № 2, pp. 3-7

An Algorithm for Borehole Influence Compensation of Multireceiver Sonic Well-Logging Tool Recordings

(Denisov M.S. )

Full waveform data acquired while sonic well logging are degraded by the impact of the borehole heterogeneities in the transmitter and the receiver positions. If data acquisition is performed with the help of a multireceiver "symmetrical" tool a possibility to eliminate the distortions with the aid of linear filtering (i.e. it requires no geological information) will exist. Such possibility is provided by the "inner consistency" of the whole dataset. As a result, obtain the unbiased signal travel times, velocities and Q-absorption coefficients. A QC technique to evaluate the input data quality and reject unreliable observations is presented. In case a "one-sided" tool is used, no proper borehole compensation can he applied. The parameters of the medium extracted from the log data will be biased. This holds true for both the acoustic velocities and Q-absorption coefficients.......

  • 2009  № 2, pp. 8-21

Seismic Attributes of Fluid Flow Channel and Associated Reservoirs

(Rostov Yu.V. Yefimova N.N. Kremlev A.N. Pavlenkin A.D. )

Fluids migrate along channels characterized by high porosity and form deposits of hydrocarbons and water if they face some covers, Fluid channels and hydrocarbon deposits adjoining their walls influence on seismic wave propagation and generate additional effects in seismic records connected with wave dispersion on cracks. Understanding of this process allows improving of hydrocarbon deposit localization in comparison with standard approaches.......

  • 2009  № 2, pp. 26-30

Quantitative "Matrix Oil" Assessments in Complex Carbonate Reservoirs by Well Logging Data

(Burkhanova I.O. Kovalchuk A.V. )

An object of the research was an estimation of a content of "matrix oil" by well logging data. The base of the research was a conversion model of "matrix oil" by Skibichkaya N. For this purpose connections between radioactive and electric properties of rocks and content of "matrix oil" were studied. As a result in article authors suggested the way of estimation of a content of "matrix oil" by well logging data.......

  • 2009  № 2, pp. 31-38