Issues of the journals Геофизика 2009 y. issue 5

Chaotic Parameters and the Principles of Their Use While Geophysical Data Processing

(Kobrunov A.I. Grigoryevykh A.V. )

This paper is dedicated to problem of building effective models while creating geological models. Basic attention is paid to the use of operator for evolution of chaos and to the definition of new effective parameter (attribute) for estimation of geophysical field‘s chaos. While definition of new attribute we use formal characteristics of chaos from non-linear dynamic and slide window. Model examples shows the result of building effective models refecting low-contrast bodies in geophysical fields when using chaos estimation attribute.......

  • 2009  № 5, pp. 3-9

Modern Approaches Towards Integrated Geophysical Data Inversion

(Spichak V.V. )

A review of the modern approaches to the joint inversion of geophysical data is given. Two alternative lines are considered: based on the joint (parallel) inversion and on the two-step approach, when results of different single inversions are analyzed a posteriori. The advantages and disadvantages of the recently proposed methods of structural and lithological inversion as well as neural network and correlation methods of the joint posterior analysis of the models of physical properties of the media are compared. Guidelines on the application of the considered methods depending on the research purposes are given.......

  • 2009  № 5, pp. 10-19

Studies of Direct and Inverse AVO Problems

(Malovichko L.R. )

The inverse problem solution algorithm of the AVO for the case of multilayered media are introduced. This algorithm is based on the iterative corrections of the parameters of the initial model, which tend to minimize misfit between obsen’ed and synthetic seismograms. The synthetic seismograms are calculated using RT-matrices algorithm (refection-transmission matrices). The possibilities of the introduced algorithm are examined using test models.......

  • 2009  № 5, pp. 20-25

Influence of Homogeneous Transversely Isotropic Medium Towards the Boundaries of Anisotropic Layers on the Field of Infinitely Long Cable

(Karinskiy A.D. )

Mathematical expressions and calculations results, demonstrating influence of the homogeneous transversely isotropic medium and the boundaries of anisotropic layers on the field of an infinitely long cable (ILC) are analyzed. The numeral calculations results for the model of anisotropic layer in presence of the borehole are considered. The examples of nomograms for determination of layers anisotropy coefficient and vertical resistivity on components of the field of ILC, or cable with electrode, at known values horizontal resistivity are given.......

  • 2009  № 5, pp. 33-44