Issues of the journals Геофизика 2008 y. issue 3

Seismic Reciprocity Justification for Layered Media. Part 1

(Denisov M.S. )

The properties ofsymmetry of the geometrical spreadingfactorfor an acoustic wave reflectedfrom a curved boundary are studied. The seismic reciprocity principle is shown to hold true. It is demonstrated that reciprocity also holds for diffractions.......

  • 2008  № 3, pp. 3-12

Deep-Crust Seismic Studies of Oil and Gas Prospecting Areas in East Siberia

(Roudnitskaya D.E. Staroseltsev V.S. Valchak V.I. Goryunov N.A. Shcherbakov V.A. )

The results interpretation of ultradeep CDP from transects Batolith I-SB and Altai-Severnaya Zemlya 3-SB (East Siberia) with the use of methods complex, concerned with Pro Max and ReapakRD technologies is given. The object-oriented multiple-factor parameterization possibilities enlargement of CDP section and formalization of heterogeneous environment geological structure tasks with the use of seismic-inversion attributes calculation technology, implemented in the ReapakRD system is shown. Formalized criteria of anomalous zones detachment, which can correspond to mantle solutions penetration routes in the Earth’s crust upper part and can use as large oii-and-gas prospecting facilities predicted-exploring criteria are received.......

  • 2008  № 3, pp. 13-17

Time-Spectral Techniques of Geological Section Forecasting

(Kopilevich E.A. Mushin I.A. Lisunova O.V. )

Provided the analysis of the existing reservoir properties qualitative and quantitative prediction techniques for productive deposits based on integral spectral-time attributes of both seismic and well logging data. A new noise-robust and differential approach was developed, based on cross correlation of multi-trace spectral-time images of both seismic traces and well logging data. The technique was used in one of the large oil & gas fields of the Bolshekhetskiy rise.......

  • 2008  № 3, pp. 22-27