Issues of the journals Геофизика 2011 y. issue 5

Four-level system of seismic monitoring on the middle Ural territory

(Shulakov D.Yu. Dyagilev R.A. Butyrin P.G. Malovichko A.A. Malovichko D.A. Verkholantsev Ph.G. )

The article shows common parameters of seismicity in the Urals. It describes new possibilities of monitoring of natural and induced seismic events in region, discovered due to modern multilevel seismic monitoring system. Collected data allowed estimating seismicity appearance quantitatively on different scale levels.......

  • 2011  № 5, pp. 8-17

Properties of the attractive potential and his derivates

(Tarantin M.V. Prostolupov G.V. Chadaev M.S. Gershanok V.A. Gershanok L.A. )

Some properties of space and logarithmic potentials of attraction are analyzed. Methods of anomalous objects localization in plan and depth using the 1 , 2 and 3 order derivatives of three-dimensional potential are considered. Using of technology Vector, the 1 derivatives transformation procedure and other approaches......

  • 2011  № 5, pp. 25-30

Development of qualitative and quantitative interpretation methods of the gravimetric prospecting data

(Kostitsyn V.I. Dolgal A.S. Pugin A.V. Sharhimullin A.F. Khristenko L.A. )

In this article we view original algorithms for solution of gravity interpretating problems suggested by authors for the last five years. All developments are based on new mathematical tools such as analytical approximations or the finite-element method. Technologies presented here extend the range of options of the interpreter substantially on solving of different geological-geophysical problems.......

  • 2011  № 5, pp. 31-39