Issues of the journals Геофизика 2007 y. issue 2

Types of Salt Tectogenesis in the South-East of the Pre-Caspian Depression by CMP Data

(Shlezinger A.E. Yermakov B.V. Kirevichev V.K. Larina T.Ye. )

Saliferous tectogenesis in the southeast of the Precaspian Depression is confined to primary salt outflows into Late Permian - Triassic sedimentation basins followed by the formation of negative coeval tectonic structures. Saline domes growth was impulsive and occurred within the limits of Late Triassic, Jrassic and Cretaceous passive solt ridges, and has ended with a Post-Cretaceous impulse.......

  • 2007  № 2, pp. 3-8

Over-Basement Hydrocarbons Formation Source in the Nepsko-Botuobinsky Anteclise

(Berzin A.G. Sitnikov V.S. Berzin S.A. Rudykh I.V. )

In 1990s В. A. Sokolov (Corresponding Member, Russian Academy of Sciences) put forward an idea on hydrocarbons association with Allochthone sedimentary deposits below the crystalline basement in the several areas of Russia, including Nepa Archbend, which still posessts substantial hydrocarbon potential. The data obtained in the north Nepa-Botuoba Anticlise are used as the basis to prove this idea.......

  • 2007  № 2, pp. 9-15

2-D Seismic Grid Optimization

(Grekhov I.O. )

2D CMP seismic surveys usually incorporate lines of two general bearings stretched at an angle of about 90°; these could be characterized by these bearings and line density. Some 2 - 2.5-D and 3-D data, both field and modeled, were used to investigate how the above parameters affect the accuracy of geological surfaces mapping, including multi-leveled cases. It has been concluded that while surveys the lines of one bearing should be 2 to 3 times denser than these of the other. Appropriate criteria to optimize the survey grid and appropriate mapping technique are proposed.......

  • 2007  № 2, pp. 21-24