Issues of the journals Геофизика 2008 y. issue 1

Terrigenous Deposits Productivity vs. Homogeniety. The Tul-Yegan YuV1 Bed Case History

(Akhiyarov A.V. )

This article accesses productivity of terrigenous deposits vs their homogeneity on the example of Yu VI horizon (Tul- Yegan field, Nizhnevartovsk Dome, West Siberia). The authors came to the conclusion that hypsometric bindings of well sections and reservoirs’ effective thicknesses do not affect hydrocarbon yields, and the “tectonic factor" has dual effect on well productivity.......

  • 2008  № 1, pp. 30-44

Gravimetry Data Interpretation Using Complete Normalized Gradient Vector Angle While Upper Mantle Studies

(Yelisseeva I.S. )

Successful solution of the inverse gravity problem, using the QSP method, depends on a choice of initial parameters, which should correspond to a depth range of investigations. Along theprofde, conterminous with X =39° E, the wide (50 ... 200km) depth range was defined. Input of unified initial parameters causes an appearance offalse anomaly sources. For their revealing and elimination, some restriction on vector angle of the total normalized gradient was entered: 0 < 25° и 65° < У < 90°. It has allowed to consider as false 6 out of 18 displayed anomaly sources. It is interesting, that 10 out of 12 others satisfied to half of above pointed angle ranges.......

  • 2008  № 1, pp. 45-49

Electromagnetic Sounding of Geothermal Zones: New Horizons

(Spichak V.V. )

Electromagnetic (ЕМ) methods provide a substantial contribution to the geophysical mapping and monitoring of geothermal reservoirs. This paper presents an up-to-date picture of the achievements of EM-methods for geothermal exploration as they have emerged over the lastfew years. It has been proved that EM-sounding ofgeothermal zones and distant monitoring macro-parameters of the reservoirs, fluid-filled faults and other elements of the geothermal system are possible provided that modern 3-D inversion is used along with techniques that reduce the effects of industrial and geological noise. Joint interpretation of EM and other geophysical data enables to draw 3D models of geothermal areas, that, in turn, could serve as a reliable basement for decision making regarding the most promising sites for drilling exploration and exploitation wells.......

  • 2008  № 1, pp. 50-67