Issues of the journals Геофизика 2010 y. issue 2

Induced Charges within Microand Macroanisotropic Media and Their Influence on the Electric Field of Tapped Anisotropic Beds

(Karinskiy A.D. )

Expressions for electric charges density in the isotropic medium and volume charges density in the homogeneous transversely isotropic medium are considered. Expression for density of surface charge on boundery of microanisotropic and isotropic media is obtained. On the basis of the mathematical modelling is shown how the induced charges in models of the microanisotropic and macroanisotropic (thin-layered) media in presence of borehole are distributed, and which field is created by these charges. Results of modelling for cases when the given field source is the infinitely tong cable, or a point electrode are demonstrated.......

  • 2010  № 2, pp. 37-48

3D Geoelectrical Modeling Using Combined Inversion of 2D and 3D Magnetotelluric data

(Spichak V.V. Goidina A.G. Bezruk I.A. )

A new method for construction of the volume geoelectrical models based on the array scalar and profde tensor MT data is proposed. The algorithm is successfully applied to the reconstruction of the 3D resistivity model of the area located in the vicinity of the regional profde 1-SB in the Eastern Siberia. The model is free from the defects of the resistivity behavior with depth characteristic for the volume models revealed only from archive scalar MT data or 2D models constructed using 2D inversion of tensor MT data collected along the profile. The approach proposed could be used not only for re-interpretation of the archive scalar MT data but also for rational planning of the future regional MT surveys.......

  • 2010  № 2, pp. 54-59

The Use of Electromagnetic Sounding while Hydrocarbons Explorationin the Caspian Sea Transition Zone

(Kocherov A.B. Malovichko M.Yu. Petrov A.A. Lisitsyn Ye.D. )

In this paper we describe a new marine sounding method based on use of the autonomous sea-floor acquisition systems. The method was developed for petroleum exploration in the transition zone. The technology combines both frequency and time domain approaches. It improves vertical resistivity resolution and allows to study induced polarization. The test survey over a known target in the Caspian Sea was carried out in 2008. We consider acquisition, preprocessing and inversion of the real data.......

  • 2010  № 2, pp. 60-64

Experimental Studies of Linear Objects Using Georadar Technology

(Vladov M.L. Kalashnikov A.Yu. Piatilova A.M. )

One of the important tasks, solved by using GPR-method, is detection and mapping linearly extended objects - pipelines of various purpose, electric cables, armature in building designs etc. As a rule it is required to determine their depths and positions in the plan. In some cases it is required to define material of the objects, for example, allocate plastic and metal pipes. In this work the experimental data received at passage of structures above linear objects from various materials under various corners and dynamic characteristics of record are examined.......

  • 2010  № 2, pp. 65-70