Issues of the journals Геофизика 2010 y. issue 2

The Use of INTEGRO-GEOFIZIKA Software Package for Deep Geophysical Criteria Assesment while Regional Surveys

(Nikitin A.A. Cheremisina Ye.N. Galuev V.I. )

There are considered potential possibilities of geoinformation system CIS INTEGRO Geophysics for deep geophysical criteria determination with the aim regional prognosis in the light of new concepts of oil-and gas generation. These criteria are indentificated on the seismic energy, effective density and magnetizing, conductivity sections of earth crust along regional profilies.......

  • 2010  № 2, pp. 3-11

Fuzzy Modeling while Studying Geophysical Parameters Relationships

(Kobrunov A.I. Grigoryevykh A.V. )

In the article it is proposed to make out experimental data of geophysical researches as fuzzy variables and to make out dependencies between experimental data as fuzzy relations. Membership functions shows how one fuzzy variable depends from another. For membership functions selected exponential type functions. When explore production of two or more membership functions transitionalfuzzy variables excludes according Mamdanie ’s principle. Replacement of correlation technology based on fixed classes of analytical dependencies to another technology based on fuzzy modeling will better refect true essence of dependencies among experimental data. In the article there are examples demonstrating features of new method of experimental data processing, based on fuzzy modeling. It is easy to expand new method to solve related tasks which are traditional for experimental data processing.......

  • 2010  № 2, pp. 17-23

Interrelation Between Spatial Seismicity and Abnormally-High Pressures in Sedimentary Rocks of the South Caspian Basin

(Kadirov F.A. Feyzullayev A.A. Kadyrov A.G. )

In paper the interrelation between abnormal-high geofluid pressure (AHGP) and seismicity is examined on an example of the South-Caspian basin (SCB). The non-uniform level of development in space AHGP and seismicity was established. The intensity of development of AHGP increase to the central deep-buried part of SCB, coordinating with change in this direction a clay content in rocks and thickness of clayey series. Thus, the spatial correlation between the considered parameters is revealed, which nature is not clear enough and requires realization of more detailed researches.......

  • 2010  № 2, pp. 32-36