Issues of the journals Геофизика 2007 y. issue 6

Specific Features of Mechanical Stresses Energy Accumulation and Abnormal Seismoacoustic Emission in Oil-Saturated Rocks

(Volkov A.V. Kuznetsov O.L. Dyblenko V.P. Chirkin I.A. SharifuIJin R.Ya. )

Presented are results of laboratory and field study of behavior of mechanically complicated stressed oil-gas-water saturated rocks subject to external physical disturbances. Experimentally established and physically substantiated is a new property of oil-saturated rocks exhibited in the synergetic response of rocks to a static mechanical stress in combination with the elastic wave stimulation.......

  • 2007  № 6, pp. 8-15

New Approach Towards Heterogeneous Reservoirs Modeling Using Induction Logging and BKZ Data

(Arkhipova Ye.Yu. Arkhipova I.Yu. Borisonik O.V. Mikolayevsky E.Yu. Sokhranov N.N. )

This paper discusses one of the possible computer simulations of reservoir rocks resistivity using induction logging and several BKZ downhole tools. This technique could be implemented either by generating reservoir models using apparent resistivity curves of the tools (which are free from rock mass resistivity influence), and the assessment of reservoir rock resistivity by excluding the invaded zone influence.......

  • 2007  № 6, pp. 35-40