Issues of the journals Геофизика 2008 y. issue 6

Joint Interpretation of Seismic and Gravity Data Along Seismic Line # 25, Urengoi

(Boldireva V.A. Chernov A.A. Kozlova Ye.F. )

This paper sets background for joint gravity/seismic data interpretation apparatus related to the northern part of the West Siberian Platform. Specific features of local gravity anomalies are discussed. The authors provide two seismic models for Line # 25 (Urengoi).......

  • 2008  № 6, pp. 39-45

The Effect of Rock Electrical Anisotropy on HF Electromagnetic Logging

(Karinskiy A.D. Daev D.S. )

Expressions are analyzed for magnetic field on the axis of alternating magnetic dipole placed in electrical anisotropic homogeneous medium. Mathematical modelling results are presentedfor high frequency electromagnetic tool VIKIZ and dielectric logging probe are placed in the same medium. Influence of the medium anisotropy and probe orientation on measured field characteristics, apparent resistivity and permittivity values are demonstrated.......

  • 2008  № 6, pp. 46-51

Focusing Transformations while Frequency EM Soundings

(Svetov B.S. Odintsov V.I. )

This paper analyzesfocusing transformations whilefrequency and isoparametric soundings, based on weighted summation of observed data for two frequencies, or stationary field combination. It is shown, that these transformations lead to increased EM soundings depth and their resolution. Both parameters are higher in case of isoparametric soundings.......

  • 2008  № 6, pp. 52-54

Magnetic Surveys of the Sakura Ridge, Kurile Depression

(Ivanenko A.N. Brusilovskiy Yu.V. Baranov B.V. Babayants P.S. )

This paper is dedicated to the analysis of magnetic survey data analysis, performed by the V. I. Ilyichev Pacific Oceanology R&D Center, in of the Kuriles Depression area (Sakura Uplift). So far, no consensus has been obtained on the origins of this geological phenomenon. The available magnetic data proved that the Sakura Uplift is a volcanic structure formed over the existing basement of the Kuriles Depression.......

  • 2008  № 6, pp. 60-64