Issues of the journals Геофизика 2014 y. issue 2

The features of seismic inversion methods are applied in west siberia

(Kondratiev I.K. Bondarenko M.T. Godin Ju.Yu. Reygass E.V. Tarasenko E.M. )

The different ways of seismic inversion are employed depend on geological conditions. When thickness of target beds, containing a set of sandstone interlayers, is large (> 12 m), it is possible to use acoustic impedances Ip and time thicknesses of bed AT from impedance cubes. For thin beds only values Ip can be used. Nevertheless even in this case acoustic inversion succeeds to separate the clay and sandstone zones with weak acoustic differentiation.......

  • 2014  № 2, pp. 2-9

Well testing as a tool of confirmation seismic interpretation in cavernous fractured reservoirs

(Khromova I.Yu. Mitt D.A. )

One of the most urgent tasks in the verifying reservoir properties is to determine the structure of arrays of carbonate fractured or cavernous fractured zones. Such reservoir carry both positive and negative features: high flow rates with rapid flooding (if production wells reveals the fractured zone) and rather low flow rate values with a low coefficient of reduction (if the well reveals the “ matrix “ part) . However , to control the development of such reservoirs requires detailed geological and hydrodynamic model, which takes into account not only the presence of inhomogeneities , but also changes in their properties for real values of depression and repression.......

  • 2014  № 2, pp. 10-14

Technology of effective geologic model formation based on interpretation reasoning

(Krylov D.N. Naumova L.A. )

More often geologic models are described as a set of homogeneous seams. One of the most complicated interpretation problems deals with correct description of geologic media details within such a model and optimum number of seams or cells choice. Original technology of effective geologic model formation on the base of optimized statistic sliding window filtration is presented in the paper. Window size and positioning are determined on the criterion of root mean square deviation minimization. Log or parametric model after this filtration called «smart averaging» is transformed into parameter step sequence. Details of the sequence depend upon the chosen set of statistical filters (variations of window size).......

  • 2014  № 2, pp. 15-19

Variation of electric parameters of rocks in a well located in fault zone during strong earthquakes

(Idarmachev Sh.G. Aliev I.A. Musaev M.A. Idarmachev I.Sh. )

The article discusses electric sounding data of sedimentary rocks in the well received at the station sensitive observations, which is located in the surroundings of town Izberbash in Russia (Northern Caucasus). To observe the apparent resistance of the rocks there is a special setting for precision continuous measurement developed by the Institute of geology of the Dagestan Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences. Analysis of observation data for the period 2010-2011 indicates that remote strong earthquakes with a magnitude of Mw > 9.0 and individual events Mw = 8.0 with multiple strong aftershocks of the Mw > 7.0 are synchronous anomalies apparent resistance and electrokinetic potential field of rocks in the well fields in the fault zone, stretching along the western coast of the Caspian Sea. One of the mechanisms of the effects of seismic waves of strong earthquakes that cause abnormalities of the electrical parameters of rocks is to change the fluid regime of faults zone that alters the electrical and mechanical properties of rocks. If the ruptured zone is in unstable equilibrium conditions, the rapid change in mechanical properties can cause movement of blocks in the form of earthquakes or creeps.......

  • 2014  № 2, pp. 26-31

Improving the effectiveness of searching diatreme with using transient electromagnetic method

(Korotkov Y.V. Korotkov A.Yu. )

The possibility of electromagnetic method in the search of kimberlite pipes are shown in a conditions where they overlap the thick stratum of sedimentary rocks. The paper shows how effective use of tectonic fracture, as the primary search criteria for kimberlite pipe exploration. Results of employing the method of pulse electromagnetic soundings (method MPP) of diamonds are given. This ProTEM method (MPP) can help to obtain little cost highquality information about weakened parts of the geological section. The presented research results have a practical character. It speaks about high perspectivity of the method.......

  • 2014  № 2, pp. 32-38