Issues of the journals Геофизика 2014 y. issue 6

A technology for determination of fractured reservoir sand unconventional HC traps in silicious deposits (silicites) based on multi-method geophysical data

(Senin B.V. Leonchik M.I. Zemtsova D.P. )

Paper describes the possibilities of determination of unconventional HC traps based on the interpretational post- processing of seismic CDP data, with account of specifity of kinematic and dynamic characteristics of silicious formations and geodynamical characteristics of wave fields.......

  • 2014  № 6, pp. 2-12

Geostatistical inversion problemin an inhomogeneous medium

(Myasoedov D.N. )

The article deals with the problem of geostatistical inversion in an environment with a significant lateral heterogeneity by the example of the Tyumen Formation deposits of Western Siberia. Shown an example of integration of qualitative and quantitative methods of interpretation aimed at optimizing based on seismic facies interpolation algorithms of inversion.......

  • 2014  № 6, pp. 13-17

Physical-geological modeling (simulation)and anizotropy geomagnetic tomography

(Demoura G.V. Petrov A.V. )

At any representation FGM - geological, as a rule, subjective and not formalized with measure and code in information triad and multisession. The unambiguous at the depth geological is achieved by use created by us anisotropic geomagnetic tomography with depths, allowing objective and realistically allocate the geomagnetic markers on the base of developed computer technology. Received tomographic cross section (images) connecting with concrete geological objects in accordance with area lay down survey magnetic and exclude use the model presentations in the manner of FGM. The Modern investment strategy of the mastering mineral-raw materials exchanges the methodology of the geophysical investigation of the depths upon territory of the known ore fields and flank ore deposits for reproducing ore resources. Study of the deep structures at that areas reception three-dimensional tomographic images priority and the most economic effectively on the strength of their objectivity, validity and real representation.......

  • 2014  № 6, pp. 18-24

Evaluation of the electrical resistivity of rich copper-nickel ores of the Norilsk region

(Kulikov V.A. Varentsov I.M. Sterligova I.D. Solovieva A.V. )

Electrical exploration methods are an effective tool in prospecting and exploration of ore deposits. For a correct interpretation of ground electro observations we must be familiar with the petrophysical properties of the rocks, especially their electrical resistivity. The paper presents procedures and results of the electrical resistivity estimation for copper-nickel ores of the Norilsk type based on petrophysical core sample measurements and borehole observations. Both techniques have their advantages and disadvantages. Well logging results are significantly affected by the drilling fluid. Certain problems also arise in petrophysical measurements. Usually the lab get dry rocks long away extracted from places of natural occurrence and it is almost impossible to restore their original mineralization. Partly this problem may be solved by a long soaking of samples.......

  • 2014  № 6, pp. 25-29

About heightened polarizability of sandy soil caused by its humidity

(Shevnin V.A. Ryjov A.A. )

A possible origin of high polarizability of fluvioglacial sand in vadoze zone is considered, and we found that it is resulted at some depth interval where weighting humidity is equal 2-5% at transition from very dry sand near the surface to full saturation at depth.......

  • 2014  № 6, pp. 30-38