Issues of the journals Геофизика 2013 y. issue 3

MT-AMT soundings for geothermal exploration in the north-western part of Kamchatka peninsula

(Saraev A.K. Antashchuk K.M. )

Results of magnetotelluric-audiomagnetotelluric (MT-AMT) soundings for the geothermal exploration in the northwestern part of the Kamchatka Peninsula near the Palana town are considered. Investigations for allocation of low-depth (up to 2 km), low- and middle-temperature geothermal sources have been carried out in two stages: preliminary and detail. At the preliminary stage the prospects of several selected before areas have been estimated using MT-AMT data. The most prospective area has been studied at the detail stage. The two dimensional structure of this area has been reliably identified and geoelectric sections up to 2,5-3 km have been derived using the 2D inversion. According to soundings results recommendations for the supplementary study of an allocated deep geoelectric anomaly and subsequent drilling testing have been prepared.......

  • 2013  № 3, pp. 45-51

Clarification of oil-bearing contours of multilayer hydrocarbon deposits on the results of the interpretation of data of electrical FTEM3D survey together with the data of seismic and well logging

(Kiselev E.S. Atiasheva E.P. Kiseleva O.V. )

A scheme for the formation of anomalies of the phase difference of the multizone is considered. It is shown that the anomaly of the phase difference of the IP on the surface of media have information on all the IP anomalies at the depth and in principle allow us to construct the contours of oil content of each object. The solution to this problem is possible with the assistance of geological and geophysical information about each object of research. An example of an integrated interpretation of the electrical, drilling and seismic survey for one of the regions of Western Siberia is included. Integrated 3D seismic, drilling and electrical FTEM3D data can specify planned location of oil-bearing deposit and use this information to calculate hydrocarbon reserves, optimizing operational and exploration drilling.......

  • 2013  № 3, pp. 52-59

Estimation of prospects of the Verhne-Pechora hollow by gravity data

(Boldireva V.A. Chernov A.A. )

The basic prospects of oil-gas content at a considered part of the Verhne-Pechora hollow contact local structures in carbonate deposits of bottom Permi-Carbona and terrigenous deposits of top-average of Devonian. The productive part of local object is characterised by the raised porosity, one of signs of its efficiency, shown in a gravitational field in the form of local anomaly, presence of the minimum complicating this anomaly. Results of interpretation of the gravity data within territory of the Verhne-Pechora hollow at oil-gas content Timano-Pechora province for the purpose of a choice of the most perspective areas for statement of subsequent seismic and other researches. Л number of laws of display of productive object in a gravitational field, depending on many geological factors is established. On the basis of the received results in the Ust-Pechora and ordoviksko-Silurian deposits single reefes are predicted and forecast schemes рифовых bodies are received. Search signs of reefes for the given area are formulated.......

  • 2013  № 3, pp. 60-66